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In Moscow on Sunday will be held the middle

In Moscow on Sunday will be held the middleJune 29, in connection with a Bicycle ride in the capital of the carriage of bikes on trains will be free, have informed in the press service of the Central suburban passenger company."on June 29, the day of the city Middle of 2014," the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region will be able to carry free of charge the bike in commuter trains JSC Central CPD" from 8.00 am till 24.00", - said the press service.To qualify for the offer, you need when buying a ticket on the train to tell the cashier about his desire to bring the bike and will give you a free ticket for two-wheeled transport.The press service also said that to hold the bike in the train you every day from 11.00 until 16.00 hours."On the occasion of the bike ride timelines services expanded. . . . . . Read more -->

In Noyabrsk and Yamal district will test TRP

In Noyabrsk and Yamal district will test TRPYesterday in New Urengoy was extended Board of the Department of physical education and sports of the Autonomous area. The city brought together representatives of more than two dozen sports federations operating in the district, the managers of sports facilities, offices and departments of physical culture and sports of administrations of cities and areas of the County.They discussed cooperation between the Executive authorities and local self governments in the field of physical culture and sport, the training of sports reserve, anti-doping in sport, reported the press service of the city administration.The head of the administration of Novy Urengoy Ivan Kostogriz, speaking at the plenary session, thanked the Department and the local government for the support of children's sports in city. The municipality has set up and successfully operate two district school: Yamalo-Nenets district youth sports school mini football Eremenko and Yamalo-Nenets district Junior school Boxing.Today consisted of the Board of the Department. The main theme of the meeting was phased introduction of the all-Russian sports complex "Ready for labor and defense" (TRP). The Director of the Department of physical education and sports Alexander Eirich told that the area has already held its first meeting of the interagency Council on the implementation of the TRP. The complex will be introduced in 2017.Provides for the delivery of sports standards in 11 age groups since the age of six. Read more -->

Slutsky: rumors about the Chechens at the airport in Donetsk - provocation

Slutsky: rumors about the Chechens at the airport in Donetsk - provocationMessages Ukrainian mass media about the Chechens on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics nothing more than a provocation, said the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Leonid Slutsky, correspondent ."I have no data on military assistance from Russia, there are no data that Kadyrov's units are doing something at the airport in Donetsk, it is, in our opinion, the provocation," the MP said during the press conference."Same thing about the supply of weapons. There is information that allegedly found the truck with Russian machines, I have no clear information about this, but there is information from DND AND LNR that no trucks were not. In this regard, we consider it as a provocation," said Slutsky.According to him, is now much more important to organize the humanitarian aid corridor."Just a shame that we live here in normal conditions, and our brothers are dying for their beliefs. It's incredible and not comparable with any approaches to world civilization. . . Read more -->

In Yekaterinburg was suspended metro: technical failure

In Yekaterinburg was suspended metro: technical failureLast night in Yekaterinburg was suspended for half an hour the trains in the subway.According to the head of the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Sverdlovsk oblast Valery Burnt, criminal part in this incident there."Indeed, such a technical incident took place. People, upon reaching the square of 1905, were forced to leave and look for another. It took a short time. Specialists metro explain this technical failure in the organization trains. The criminal component to it," - said Valery Burnt.Eyewitnesses reported that no train was about 20 minutes, because of what the platform has accumulated a large number of passengers. . Read more -->

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