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Reservist military engineers and gunners have mastered modern technology at the training camp in Bashkortostan

Reservist military engineers and gunners have mastered modern technology at the training camp in BashkortostanIn Bashkortostan ended fees for citizens, called out of the stock on which they were trained management skills and modern engineering tools weapons and air defense, met with new methods of combat training, tested the newly arrived troops in communications and navigation.As reported in the press service of the Central military district, in accordance with the plan of carrying out military duties in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, military Commissariat of the Republic was made a call-up of citizens residing in the reserve, on a 10-day duties of the bonded structure in one of the military units of Alekinskogo garrison. The whole was intended to 350 people, of which more than 50 reserve officers. With them were conducted classes on tactical, tactical, engineering, drill, fire and other types of training aimed at fighting arrangement of settlements and crews.Military stock has mastered the updated samples of anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk", engineering reconnaissance vehicles, heavy mechanized bridges and others, passed the tests according to the standards of deployment and use equipment in accordance with their military occupational specialties.Training sessions on the territory of the Central military district was completed in Sverdlovsk, Kirov, Ulyanovsk regions, Krasnoyarsk Krai, republics of Mari El, Tyva and Bashkortostan. Until the end of October they will be held in Novosibirsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk oblasts, Altai and Perm regions.Just borovich events CVO involve about 2 thousand. . . Read more -->

The development plans of state-owned companies will go through a government filter

The development plans of state-owned companies will go through a government filterInvestment companies with state participation will be taken under government control. Depending on the significance of the FSUE, approval of long-term development programs will be held at the Cabinet meeting, government commissions or meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This decision was taken at the regular meeting of the government on the work of strategic companies, correspondent .The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev stated that the development programs of state-owned companies will be long term, the planning horizon is 5-10 years. Their development must be done by management, then the strategic plan will pass several stages of checking."Once the management company has made the appropriate project, it should be considered a specialized Committee under the Board of Directors, if we are talking about the company, or directly by the Federal Executive authorities, if we are talking about the Federal state unitary enterprise. Then the Ministry of economic development and the Federal property management Agency should conduct a comprehensive analysis, including analysis of emerging risks in the execution of the program, its financial sustainability, feasibility of the targets and performance of the company. After that, the branch responsible Federal Executive authority submits it for consideration to the government, and then, depending on the structuring of the companies themselves, we consider several options for the actual review of the government", - said the speaker.Long-term programs in our understanding should be not so much the formal documents as real, living documents, corporate governance, management and planning. Read more -->

The Ministry of nature reiterated its position on Chernyaev forest and advised the team to address the Prosecutor's office

The Ministry of nature reiterated its position on Chernyaev forest and advised the team to address the Prosecutor's officeThe Federal environment Agency once again stood up for Chernyaev forest. Director of Department of state policy and regulation in the sphere of environment protection Ministry of nature of Russia Dmitry Belanovic responded to treatment Permyakov with a request to protect the protected areas from development, the correspondent ."Taking into account these facts, and based on the views of citizens, public associations and the scientific community, the Ministry of natural resources of Russia considers unacceptable the construction of the zoo and other objects that are not related to the operation of the protected natural landscape "Chernyaev forest", on this protected area. Reduction of especially protected natural territories of local importance, in connection with the placement at the initiative of the Perm Krai zoo Chernyaev forest, contrary to the environmental policy, and requires measures of prosecutorial response", - says Dmitry Belanovic.In his letter, the representative of the Ministry notes that Chernyaev forest is a priority for the regional center located near it dangerous industrial objects."The question of the location of the zoo in specially protected areas can be removed by contacting the prosecutors and the courts for the protection of the violated rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the residents of the regional center," in conclusion, writes Belanovic.The activists took the news without much enthusiasm. They believe that this letter of the Federal Ministry of environment gave to understand that the very active action will not, and shifted the responsibility on the Prosecutor's office.The position of the regional Prosecutor's office, indeed, remains unclear. The Prosecutor's appeal on the decision of the Duma of withdrawal from Chernyaev forest conservation status should be filed two weeks earlier, but the official explanation of the situation the Supervisory authority still has not provided. . Read more -->

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