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Started in Ekaterinburg the trial of the photographer Loshchinin: he is accused in the brutal massacre of his own wife-model

Started in Ekaterinburg the trial of the photographer Loshchinin: he is accused in the brutal massacre of his own wife-modelIn Yekaterinburg today launched the trial of the famous Russian photographer Dmitry Loshchinin. The first trial will be held today in the Oktyabrsky district court. The photographer is accused of murdering his wife models Yulia Prokopieva-Lasagnas.According to the senior assistant of the head of the TFR in the Sverdlovsk region for interaction with the media Alexander Shulga, during the investigation, the Investigative Committee was assembled a body of evidence sufficient to charge Dmitry Losavio. So, in the course of the investigation have been interviewed dozens of witnesses, were appointed and held a range of legal expertise: forensic, genetic and chemical examination, examination to recover deleted videos from security cameras in the loft of Loshagina and others. All this evidence allowed the prosecutors to agree with the position of the Investigative Committee and approve the indictment, sending the criminal case in court."At this stage of the judicial review of the criminal case on the merits, we can once again confirm - effect management is confident that the prosecution Dmitry Losavio was brought lawfully and reasonably, taking into account all the circumstances and collected on the case evidence," said Shulga.It should also be noted that the position of protection, in turn, is currently based only on the recognition of guilt and refusal to testify. According to the representative of the regional TFR, this allows to make an assumption about the desire of the Ural photographer and his lawyers to put forward its position only after study and evaluation by the court of all presents the result of evidence - so to say, wait."Practice shows that thus, as a rule, those who fear that their version is invalidated by a combination of objective, reliable and sufficient for conviction evidence. Read more -->

Members of Saxo praised Putin's message as "specific" and focused on small and medium business: some expectations did not materialize

Members of Saxo praised Putin's message as Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region outlined the President's message to the Federal Assembly, as "concrete". Parliamentarians focused on the fact that great attention the President in his message focused on the development of small and medium business, as well as the field of defence procurement, but also not spared and education "Ural engineering school." Meanwhile, some expectations of MPs from the President's message did not come true: from the head of state also wanted specifics on gubernatorial elections and maternal capital throughout Russia, not only in the Crimea."I thought it would be a little longer, but it turned out to be a bit more concise, just over an hour, but very saturated concrete proposals. Me a message like its concreteness," he said in an interview with the correspondent member of Saxo Eugene Artyukh."It is clear that the message was focused on two things: Ukraine and the economy. As for specifics, a lot has been said about small and medium business and as such business in General. In simple words I would say that strongly emphasized the President said to focus on the development of small and medium business. That's right, because small and medium business is the Foundation where you may receive and be formed middle class, which we are lacking," he said in an interview with the correspondent member of Saxo Andrew Alshevskih..We are talking about new approaches in the activities of the Supervisory authorities, as well as the input of the Supervisory vacation for honest entrepreneurs. Read more -->

"Victim" from article Novel Yushkova has no relation to the peoples of the Caucasus

Aggrieved from the articles of the Novel Yushkova organization, as it turns out, has nothing to do with Caucasian peoples. This conclusion defendant and his lawyer did before today's meeting, which petitioned for the return of the case to the Prosecutor for further investigation. However, the court found revealed contradictions insignificant and started fixing them myself, correspondent ."The main drama was this: the other day we advocate made an amazing discovery in the indictment and other documents of the criminal case as the victim appears social organization of the Chechen and Ingush republics "Commonwealth". We saw the founding documents of this organization is the state registration certificate, Charter and found that formally it has no relation to the Vainakhs. That is, neither Chechen or Ingush, Chechen, nor to Ingushetia, this organization does not apply. Not detected no ethnic or even regional characteristics. Read more -->

Payments for capital repairs of apartment buildings with people you don started in November

Payments for capital repairs of apartment buildings with people you don started in NovemberIn the law of the Kurgan region "About the organization of capital repairs of common property in apartment houses" at the end of February will be amended. The amendments will reduce the installed cost contribution per square metre apartment and delay paying residents for almost half a year. Extra time, in the opinion of the public, must be used to inform the public. This decision was made by the Council of the Public chamber of the Kurgan region at its meeting on January 29, correspondent .Discussion of the controversial law TRANS last time at a meeting of the house turned into an hour. Council members were interested not so much the changes in the law, as the growth of negative attitudes among the population. Recall that the law "On organization capital repair of common property in apartment houses" was adopted Kurgan oblast Duma on October 29, 2013. Read more -->

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