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Putin recalled that sanctions have a boomerang effect

Putin recalled that sanctions have a boomerang effectVarious sanction measures, as a rule, have a boomerang effect, and are forced Russian-American relations to a standstill, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, responding to a question about the new sanctions imposed by the US against Russia."I am convinced that it is harmful for the national long-term strategic interests of the United States, the American people," Putin as saying by the press service of the Kremlin.Sanctions, according to Putin, can hurt American companies. "For example, large companies want to work in Russia, but when faced with certain restrictions, they will lose their competitiveness in comparison with other energy companies," he explained, Recalling that Russia was allowed to work on its offshore ExxonMobil."Well, they don't want it to work there? They damage their largest energy companies, and all for what? For the sake of having made one mistake, to insist on another? I think it is, at least, unprofessional approach," Putin said.The President said that sooner or later such solutions to international problems will have to change, "but the damage will have to write off the losses to those who do it.". . . . . Read more -->

UTair performs optimization: pilots complain to the Union on the reduction of 2 thousand pilots

UTair performs optimization: pilots complain to the Union on the reduction of 2 thousand pilotsIn late July, the airline "UTair" adopted a comprehensive program to improve efficiency and structural cost optimization 2014-2015 "Impulse". The company's General Director Andrei Martirosov said that the program will affect all major divisions of the company, and all reforms will begin at the top. But in August, the alarm raised bottom, the Union announced large cuts of pilots.Experts have told that this is not the occasion once again to compose the epitaph "UTair", this time the company will certainly cope with their financial difficulties.Air carriers are experiencing not the best times. If at the end of 2013, analysts expected growth of passenger demand, it is now cause for optimism airlines remains."The aircraft had plans growth of 15%, now they are gone and dynamics can be reduced to zero. Yields fall and prices rise kerosene, requirements to reduce ticket prices. Eventually suspended its activities "Moscovia", 123 Russian airlines three are already in limbo," he described the situation on the market Vice President of trade Union of pilots Russia Willie Vecherko.For these same reasons, "UTair" started optimization, which was to touch and frames, but not workers, and management."At least 30% reduced the number of Deputy General Director and other management personnel, produced a complete rejection of the use of personal service cars. Read more -->

Sitting on the high-profile murder case of Yulia Pikeaway postponed for three weeks

Sitting on the high-profile murder case of Yulia Pikeaway postponed for three weeksThe case of resonance the murder of Julia Pikeaway in Khanty-Mansiysk pending.Today's trial postponed to 22 September at 10.00, reported the press service of the Khanty-Mansiysk district court. The reason is the absence of witnesses to the court. Continue the trial will have on the following day, September 23, at 10.00.Recall that the resonant murder took place on may 14 of this year. Then 23-year-old resident of Khanty-Mansiysk Julia Pihteeva (Zavyalova) was brutally murdered Azerbaijani. 19-year-old suspect Marif Mammadov from documents had only a birth certificate. On the territory of Russia was illegal. Read more -->

Employee Chelyabinsk "Auchan" and his accomplice will go on trial for stealing 6 million rubles from the supermarket

Employee Chelyabinsk The case of theft of more than 6 million rubles from the hypermarket "Auchan" in Chelyabinsk submitted to the court. The crime was involved one of the employees of retail outlets.As reported in the state Ministry of interior in the region, crime, according to the revised data, was committed on the night of 8 March 2012. Unknown stole from hypermarket "Auchan" more than 6 million rubles Was prosecuted under the item "b" of part 4 of article 158 of the criminal code (theft committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, unlawful entry, in especially large size).The crime was revealed in April 2014."The crime was involved in one of our hypermarket, born in 1984, who acted together with his accomplices. Attackers, disabling the CCTV and alarm system, illegally entered the territory of the facility, where kidnapped funds totaling more than 6 million rubles," - said the Agency.Currently, one of the accused in custody. Against his accomplice preventive measure in the form of house arrest. . Read more -->

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