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Sands: the Threat in a telephone conversation with Putin and Poroshenko - fiction media

Sands: the Threat in a telephone conversation with Putin and Poroshenko - fiction mediaThe Kremlin has denied reports of a number of ukrasni about the alleged threats Vladimir Putin's address Poroshenko during the last day before the phone call."Indeed, on the initiative of the Ukrainian side yesterday was a telephone conversation between Hillary Clinton and Putin. But as for the messages, some media reports about the alleged content of the conversation - some threats, they are fiction and not true," said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov "Interfax".According to him, during the conversation the sides discussed bilateral relations and the situation in the South-East of Ukraine.Rejected assumptions about the threats from Russia and in the administration of the President of Ukraine, according to Kiev edition of "News" with reference to a source in the environment Poroshenko. They noted that "the conversation was constructive.". . . . Read more -->

Management companies Salekhard should providers more than 422 million rubles

Management companies Salekhard should providers more than 422 million rublesThe head of the administration of Salekhard Ivan Kononenko conducted the meeting of the crisis staff. The main issue of the meeting remains debt management companies and HOA before MP "Salehardenergo".As reported to the head "Salehardenergo" Yuri Items, since the beginning of this year, the debt management companies and homeowners associations to the supplier of energy resources increased by more than 142 million rubles and is 422 million 362 thousand rubles, reported the press service of the administration of Salekhard.In respect of the six management companies and HOA already entered bankruptcy proceedings. According to the mayor's office, talking about UK "chord", LLC "accord" HOA "North" HOA "Comfort" HOA "Arctic", MC "housing Reform"."Under surveillance - HOA "Union", filed claims for LLC "New city" the company "Yamal" and "Globalisers". There is also a positive trend: the bankruptcy of one has had an effect on the leaders of other management companies. They began to work on reducing its debt. Reduces the debt of Globalisers", "New city" the company "Yamal" and a few more companies," said the administration.A good example for others, says the head of Salehardenergo" must be the work of Walter "emerald city" HOA "emerald city" and MC "House" - these companies don't owe anything.The heads of several management companies invited to the meeting of the crisis staff, told how they work with defaulters, what steps are taken to reduce the debt of the company to the supplier of energy resources."Most of the criminal code of the debtor's debts arise not because the population does not pay for utility services or delaying payment, but because the money that people bring to the cashier of the criminal code, simply do not reach the power supply organization. Read more -->

In Yakutia dogs killed to the death of a child

In Yakutia dogs killed to the death of a childIn the Yakut village of Tiksi on nine-year-old girl was attacked by stray dogs, correspondent .From his wounds, the girl died on the spot. The decision about the provision of material assistance to the family of the deceased girls, the government assumes responsibility for the medical rehabilitation of all members of the affected family.In the village organized patrols of places of mass gathering of people surrounding area child care centers and other places of potential occurrence of feral animals. . . . . Read more -->

Putin told the government to enable manual control mode

Putin told the government to enable manual control modeRussian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to focus on the fulfillment of social obligations and issues related to the maintenance of the ruble, reported the press service of the Cabinet.According to the head of state, the rate of the national currency is primarily the task of the Central Bank. "But without proper coordination with the financial and economic block of the government the Central Bank is unlikely to solve this problem effectively," Putin said at a meeting with members of the government.The President stated the need to resort to manual control of the economy. "You need to coordinate the work of all ministries and agencies need to coordinate the work with the administration of the President, with the Central Bank, it is necessary to keep everything in control; if required, although someone may dislike it, but in this case it is absolutely justified, enable and mode of the so-called manual control. In this case, there is nothing here to be ashamed of there," he said.Putin also instructed the government to work on sectors of the economy, as it did during the crisis of 2008-2009. According to the President, it should be clear, "who is responsible for what, what is the situation in the biggest enterprises of the country, as it affects the level of employment, how to solve social issues in enterprises that occurs in single-industry towns".Putin also noted that the difficulties in the economy are not only external. . Read more -->

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