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Perm schoolboy died during gym class

Perm schoolboy died during gym classRegular physical education lesson in one of the schools Tchaikovsky district, the last day of may 6, turned into a tragedy. As have informed in the press service of the SU TFR in the classroom died 14-year-old student.The fact of the death of the student investigators currently inspect and investigate the death of a schoolboy. The body of the child is sent to a forensic medical examination. Details of the death of the young chikova in the office did not specify. . . Read more -->

The city Manager Nizhnevartovsk discussed the fate of homeless cats and dogs

The city Manager Nizhnevartovsk discussed the fate of homeless cats and dogsIn Nizhnevartovsk discussed the problem of stray animals. For the first time on the initiative of the head of the city administration Alla Badini at the "round table brought together representatives of the veterinary services, community organizations, police and housing.The main reason for the increase in the number of stray cats and dogs on the streets - the irresponsibility of the people who first become "living toy", and then, for various reasons, get rid of, reported the press service of the administration of Nizhnevartovsk."The problem is not growing like a snowball, if the legislation in this area acted. So far there is no algorithm punishment for negligence and abuse of the pet. In this regard, there is always the danger of aggression against the person. Possible cases and unjustified aggression of man to stray animal," - noted in the mayor's office.The issue of stray animals is relevant not only for Grand rapids, but also for other Russian cities. The opinions of the representatives of public organizations were divided. Read more -->

The European Commission will establish a working group to search for alternatives "South stream""

The European Commission will establish a working group to search for alternatives The European Commission establishes an ad hoc working group with representatives of the EU, which was to go South stream, to discuss the implications of Russia's refusal from the construction of the pipeline, said Tuesday the Deputy Chairman of the EC, Maros Sefcovic, reports "Interfax"."I invited the energy Ministers of these countries in meeting long before it became known about Russia's decision to abandon the project. Today there was an initial very short exchange of views," he said Tuesday at a press conference following the meeting.The Deputy head of the European Commission stressed that for a project of this scale it is very important that it complies with the EU legislation, and it will be a constant requirement for any such project, who in this world would not propose to build in the EU.According to him, the energy Ministers of the countries involved in South stream, so far, limited information exchange."We learned about Russia from the media, and so far the EU has not received official notification of this. Therefore, it is important for me was to hear the information and opinions of the Ministers of these countries," continued Sefcovic."After that, I would like to discuss the specific situation of each country, its problems, priorities and possible alternatives. . . . Read more -->

"Tyumen" continues to prepare for Germany: played friendly matches with "Chelyabinsk" and "Ural""

In preparation for the new season of the football club "Tyumen" last Saturday was held in Chelyabinsk friendly match with the same team. The meeting ended with the score 1:0 in favor Tyumentsev, correspondent .Earlier, FC Tyumen played a friendly match with the "Ural" from Yekaterinburg. The game ended in a draw - 1:1. On the goal of dumenza Zarva said Staupitz implementing penalty. . . Read more -->

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