Kokorin: KMZ now the priority is given to those machines that will participate in the Parade on red square

Kokorin: KMZ now the priority is given to those machines that will participate in the Parade on red squareKurgan region Governor Alexei Kokorin assured that the secret development of "Kurganmashzavod" - "Kurganets-25", and the machine BMD-4M, which should participate in the Victory Parade in Moscow in 2015 will be made just in time. The head of the TRANS-Urals said at today's final press conference, answering a reporter's question ."KMZ at the priority now given to those machines that will participate in the Parade on red square. Fear here no that is not executed order. . . . Read more -->

"Criminals are called victims of the regime". Perm veterans of Afghanistan wrote to Putin about "Perm-36""

Veterans of Afghanistan wrote a letter to the government of Perm Krai Vladimir Putin about the scandalous Museum "Perm-36" correspondent ."The establishment of the all-389/36 was created for punishment collaborators, traitors of the "Russian liberation army" Vlasova, who fought with the Nazis against the Soviet Army, Bandera from Western Ukraine, "forest brothers" from the Baltic. In the Museum "Perm-36" these citizens are represented as fighters against the Soviet regime, as the heroes of the struggle for the independence of their country from Soviet occupation. Criminals are called victims of the regime," - said in the letter.The authors of the letter are asked to initiate an independent financial review of the activities of the Museum, to give a legal assessment of its activities as "anti-Russian and anti-Soviet project to discredit our history and the heroic past of our people." Festival "Sawmill" the authors of the letter described as "a hotbed of debauchery" and "propaganda of the most disgusting". Copies of the letter sent to the Chairman of the regional government Gennady Technoloav and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, reported by the local media.Recall, on the day the management of ANO "Perm-36" announced the termination of its activities on the territory of Perm region. . . Read more -->

The Sverdlovsk all year round will be provided by the local production of potatoes

The Sverdlovsk all year round will be provided by the local production of potatoesSverdlovsk region will be provided year-round potatoes own production after in the Middle Urals will build a vegetable store. About the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev said today during a visit to krasnoufimsky vegetable store "Russian field", the correspondent .Vegetable store is literally the best. The company was established in February 2012, however, the leaders managed to create an almost unique not only for Russia but for the world of technology. In addition to storing vegetables, "Russian field" is specialized on the production of potatoes. For this the company has production equipment (mostly of foreign origin) and modern store that allows you to obtain and sell potatoes with minimal cost.As said General Director of "Russian field" Andrey Rogozhkin, the area planted with potatoes is 300 ha, and the yield is about 300 kg. The company can store 9-10 thousand tons of potatoes, a new modern vegetable storage capacity of 5 thousand tons"All the equipment, all the logistics, the device warehouses Andrey Vladimirovich invented himself with his team. Read more -->

Scandalous Museum "Perm-36" will sue the power company for debts

Scandalous Museum "Permenergo" sued to guide the infamous Museum "Perm-36". Energy company collects non-profit organization debt for delivered electricity, correspondent .As it became known from the materials of the filing of the regional court of arbitration, the amount of the claim is 857,43 thousand rubles Judicial hearing is scheduled on August 8.Note that since the end of last month, the Museum "Perm-36" does not work due to the cessation of budget financing, which the institution relies on target program "the Perpetuation of the memory of victims of political repression".Observers attribute the lack of cash receipts as with the budget deficit, and "insight" of the regional authorities, which, thanks to the media and protests volunteers, realized the damage from the Museum, it is difficult for Russia and the neighbouring state of Ukraine.However, the enlightenment was caught not all. On the days of Perm travel agents, concerned about the lack of tourists, began collecting signatures in support of the Museum and representatives of the society "memorial" was a petition to the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin with the request to pay attention to the scandals institutions and to restore the "unique cultural monument".Simultaneously opened voting for the prosecution of the organizers of the Museum "Perm-36". Currently collected 1 th. . . Read more -->

In the Urals opened the network structure of the Department of state: human rights defenders, "green", Islamists, nationalists...

In the Urals opened the network structure of the Department of state: human rights defenders, In the Middle Urals opened rezidentura network in the USA. Among the "agents of influence" was Muslim activists, environmentalists, human rights activists and radical nationalists. In this example, it becomes clear how to use the local American Consulate deployed elements of the network structure, which in peacetime solves the problem of the promotion of American influence and military - purpose weakening of the regime and the preparation of a coup. The work goes beyond traditional density - repeats the traditional scheme for the organization of mixed protest movement from diverse political and social forces. One of these volunteers said it was "embedded in the network", and pointed to those who have a relationship with the U.S. Consulate General correspondent .With the revelations made scandaleuses Pervouralsk society activist Stepan Chernogorov. Read more -->

Ferry "Salekhard - Labytnangi" closes until the next navigation

Ferry Today at 10.00 terminates ferry Salekhard - Labytnangi. Weather conditions do not allow the ferries to travel on the river. Passenger busy helicopters, reported the press service of the Governor of Yamal.At 8.30 the first flight of the helicopter. On the river, on which the route of the ferry last night rages low drifting snow. Today, according to the Yamalo-Nenets center for Hydrometeorology gusts of wind on the Ob river near the crossing reached 17 m/s Visibility will be 4-6 km According to rivermen such weather conditions would not allow the ferries to move in a regular mode.Helicopter transport, in contrast, is possible. Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers on the helicopter is at the airport Salekhard and on the helipad Labytnangi. Read more -->

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