In the current year, the costs of preparing children to school has decreased

In the current year, the costs of preparing children to school has decreasedIn Russia, the costs of preparing children for school decreased for the first time.A survey of the all-Russian center for public opinion research showed that this year the Russians plan to spend on pupils in average 13 628 thousand rubles against 15 212 thousand rubles in 2012.From 2005 to 2012 sociologists observed only an increase in costs. As stated by the General Director of the Russian public opinion research center Valeriy Fedorov, their current decline is a real sensation.The most expensive cost to parents buying school uniforms, sports clothing and a change of shoes. This amount will average 4 709 thousand rubles (vs. 5 484 thousand rubles in 2012).The pack will cost parents an average of 1 940 thousand rubles - 352 RUB. . . Read more -->

Sverdlovsk stage WorldSkills Russia-2014 should draw attention to the development of the Ural school of engineering

Sverdlovsk stage WorldSkills Russia-2014 should draw attention to the development of the Ural school of engineeringCompetitions of professional skills among young people is a contribution to enhancing the prestige of working professions and the development of Ural engineering school. As reported in the Department of information policy, said this today, the Chairman of the regional government Yakov Silin at the opening of the second region championship on professional skills WorldSkills Russia in 2014."Our state has re-emerged as a great power, and Middle Urals must remain reliable support. At the masters today, the economy of the region and the whole country, and these Championships as WorldSkills Russia allow to confirm the area of its status as a territory with a high level of development and support of working professions," said Yakov Silin.Vice Prime Minister also stressed that such professional skills competitions also allow to increase the interest of young people for work experience. And this, in turn, another step in the implementation of the task of strengthening the leadership of the Ural engineering school, the development of a professional cadre reserve for the real sectors of the economy.This year the participation in the championship brought together more than 250 people representing 31 educational institution and 11 cities of the Urals Federal district. For the competitions identified five sites located in the Ural state University of Economics, Ural Federal University, Ural College of technology and entrepreneurship, Yekaterinburg economic and technological College.The largest platform for competitions became the educational center of CHTPZ group in Pervouralsk - here in a few days will be competitions in 16 of the 29 areas. Participants will demonstrate their skills in mechatronics, robotics, electronics, ability to work on milling machines and lathes. Read more -->

Putin, Sechin will work. He is an effective Manager

Putin, Sechin will work. He is an effective ManagerThe head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin has proved to be an effective Manager that works. To dismiss him no one is going, said Russian President Vladimir Putin to a journalist's question about the behavior of "Rosneft", which was asked to 1.5 trillion rubles from the NWF, and then spent several large purchases of U.S. technology and, under some assumptions, dropped foreign exchange market, the bond offering 625 billion rublesThe President inquired about the salary Sechin, but to answer this question Putin could not: "I don't know the salary Sechin. I, honestly, even his salary... As would bring, I put on the invoice sent. Read more -->

The junta counted Russia fines of $17 million for violating airspace

The junta counted Russia fines of $17 million for violating airspaceAccording to the Kyiv junta, Russia must pay 200 million UAH. (more than $17 million) for the violation of the airspace of Ukraine, said on Friday, the press service of the Ukrainian government, the correspondent ."We now initiate the consideration of complaints of Ukraine in international organizations, which are not judicial, but have the appropriate control functions. We are preparing a Memorandum on the treatment of International aviation organizations about the violation by Russia of our airspace. Every day the State aviation inspection approximately $1 million fines Russian aviation companies. The amount recorded there, is more than 200 million UAH., and it is growing daily," the lead in the press-service of the word of the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.Petrenko said that Ukraine intends to use the mechanisms of international conventions to fix the violations and to force Russia to compensate for the losses"". . Read more -->

Salekhard poisoning hockey players interested in Investigating Committee

Salekhard poisoning hockey players interested in Investigating CommitteeSalekhard investigation division of the district SU TFR began checking on the fact hospitalized in the infectious diseases Department of the district hospital young hockey players with suspected food poisoning.on December 10 office announced that the hospital received 12 children diagnosed with acute gastroenterocolitis, told in the press service of the Yamal SU TFR. They got help. The victims were members of the hockey tournament Hopes Yamal", which opened yesterday at the ice Palace of Salekhard.On the eve of the city administration held an emergency meeting of the Commission for emergency situations. It talked about the 16 victims. Now investigators establish all the circumstances of the incident.Recall, this is not only poisoning hockey players in the Urals. Mysterious intestinal virus first hit the Sverdlovsk team "Motorist", which had a match with the "Yugra" on November 29. Read more -->

Employees of the Khabarovsk cellular illegally loans

Employees of the Khabarovsk cellular illegally loansKhabarovsk police detained employees of the network of cellular communication, suspected fraud, correspondent .They were unlawfully executed loan documents for the acquisition of digital equipment, General damages which amounted to about 800 thousand rubles After the loan officers of the mobile communication has been specified in the contract goods, among them mobile phones latest models, tablets, accessories, phones, and passed it to his accomplice, who gave them lost passports of citizens.25-year-old attacker had loyal customers in the market of the city, who bought digital equipment. The money he had distributed among themselves and the employees of the shops.Currently, the organizer of fraud is under arrest. Other defendants in the criminal under house arrest. . . . Read more -->

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