Ferry across the river Ob is finished. The products will carry the night

Ferry across the river Ob is finished. The products will carry the nightFerry across the Ob river finishes its work. "To 19 October ferries will work for sure. After this crossing can be closed," said the Director of the Department of transport and road facilities of Yamal Dmitry Varakin, have informed in the press service of the head of the region.At a working meeting with shipping companies and entrepreneurs supplying Salekhard goods of first necessity, he warned: "We are not going to risk passengers from the products and to extend the work of the ferry terminal before installing ice. Last year the ambient temperature fell sharply, ferries stood in the middle of the river, they were "cut away all", were transported by trucks. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Read more -->

A stray dog has bitten a first grader in Kyshtym

A stray dog has bitten a first grader in KyshtymThe dog has bitten a 7 year old boy in Kyshtym. The first grader was returning from school when he was attacked by stray dogs.As reported in the press service of the Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation, the incident occurred on Sverdlov street. The boy was attacked by three dogs. The child screamed, the cry ran the neighbor who drove homeless animals and called the doctors."The boy was immediately placed in intensive care. . . Read more -->

Perm authorities decided to postpone the deprivation Chernyaev forests of the status of protected natural area

Perm authorities decided to postpone the deprivation Chernyaev forests of the status of protected natural areaThe issue of deprivation Chernyaev forests of the status of specially protected natural territories (SPNT) are excluded from the agenda of the Perm city Duma, appointed on 26 August, BelTA ."The group of the Governor." completely changed tactics capture under construction part Chernyaev forest, but the chances of success with them no more. In fact, they acknowledged unrealistic its previous network diagram" (cancel third own plan about this, unable to do), was excluded from the agenda of the Perm city Duma on August 26, the issue of deprivation "forests for DCI" status "protected area" and will now try to "solve the problem" regional authority is very weak in this part. The situation is similar to death convulsions not only "Chernyaev adventure Basargin", but for all his premenstural regime," the activist said "green coalition" Igor Averkiev.Recall that since November last year, the social Perm struggle to maintain Chernyaev forest, where municipal and regional authorities decided to build a zoo. Until April the members of the "Green coalition" through the court tried to accept the amendments to the General plan of the city invalid, however it community has lost.Despite this, the defenders Chernyaev forest, among them employees of PSUNR and social activists continue to insist on the revision of the project of reconstruction of the zoo. Now of protected natural areas they propose to move it on the street Brotherly, where the zoo was already allocated land. This will help save not only the forest but also 400 million rubles. Read more -->

The property is a large sports shop in Chelyabinsk arrested for a debt of 12 million rubles

The property is a large sports shop in Chelyabinsk arrested for a debt of 12 million rublesPolice officers in Chelyabinsk arrested the property of big sport shop LLC "Sport-Hit" because of a debt of 12 million rubles In the near future, the store may lose premises.As reported in the management of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region, the store owed about 8 million rubles to the owner of the premises and 4 million rubles to the Bank. The first arrest has been mortgaged property, which was the product. Sports equipment, clothing, shoes and accessories were arrested in September and escrow representatives of the debtor.In November we also received a number of Executive documents, including foreclosure on the attached property, and also the recovery of more than 8 million rubles rents and penalties. For the rent, according to police officers, the store had not paid since December 2013. Now the lease is terminated."In accordance with the court decision, November 24, 2014 - last day LLC "Sport Hit" on occupied squares, and if the debtor voluntarily leave the premise, the execution of judgments will again engage the bailiffs," said management.They noted that the store without consent of owner provided part of the premises of the seller of branded shoes, but the payment for its goods received through their control and cash registers.After the entry into force of the court decision on recovery of the lease, the debtor has transferred to the sublease and the second part of the store is the third legal entity. Payments for purchases conducted through the cashier of the new sub-tenant, meaning "Sport-Hit" money received, but contractual obligations to fulfill wasn't going to celebrate in ofsp.According to the bailiff, arrest of the debtor's property remains huge and will take more than one day. Read more -->

You don't understand something? A definite answer of FFA Perm administration considers "working correspondence""

You don't understand something? A definite answer of FFA Perm administration considers After a day of silence Perm administration yet commented on the response of the Ministry of natural resources and environment to the request for allocating a part of Chernyaev forest for the construction of the zoo. The Federal office reminded that the power to change boundaries belong to the FFA. At the end of may was held the meeting of the special Commission of the Ministry, following which the experts gave a negative opinion on the transfer of the zoo.As reported in the press service of the administration of Perm, a letter of FFA is an item of correspondence, so hard to talk about "Yes" or "no" in such a complicated process as the creation of Biopark in Perm, illegal."Now the forest service proposed options further movement on the project. For his part, the specialists of the city administration working on these options, make the analysis of existing data with new data, study the legal aspects of the case. It's time consuming and not a quick process. . Read more -->

Skvortsova: While investigating the death of a passenger in the "Sheremetyevo" were found violations in the provision of medical care

Skvortsova: While investigating the death of a passenger in the According to the results of the investigation of Roszdravnadzor, when providing medical care to the passenger flight Barcelona-Chelyabinsk, who died at the airport "Sheremetyevo", was admitted a number of logistical violations. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova."On Friday we received the official results of the investigation of Roszdravnadzor. During the investigation were identified error", - said the Minister."First of all, when the commander of the Board has requested the dispatch of air traffic control in connection with acute situation associated with a heart attack from one of the passengers, the Manager has not reported this information in an ambulance is not called an ambulance, which would have to wait at the ramp, and reported through the service of its airport, in a medical point of this airport," said Skvortsova .She noted that after 10 minutes the duty of the therapist and the attendant paramedic arrived on Board."It should be noted that when we rechecked the instructions that were prescribed to control aircraft movements for the therapist, they do not fully meet the qualification requirements prescribed by the Ministry of health. When this team was on Board, only after 33 minutes after they had called an ambulance, but had also violated the instructions," he said.According to Skvortsova, they turned not to the Central station, and directly called on the telephone Central ambulance service of the city of Moscow, which is located more than 20 kilometres from Sheremetyevo international airport. The Manager, in turn, took the challenge to their station, not redirecting in the suburbs, and also sent to Sheremetyevo not resuscitation, and linear brigade, which drove up to the Board only through 41 minute."As a result arrived the team was quickly able to zaintubirovan patient, and began to provide the necessary assistance, but it was too late - the patient died," said Skvortsova.Skvortsov also said that forensic investigation is ongoing, you want to spend another histological, Toxicological and chemical research. The final results of the investigation will appear on 7-8 September."After that, will be given additional analysis of the causes of the death of a young man 24 years of age, whose history did not have any diseases and no objective reasons that would have caused for the first time this disease is acute," said the Minister, ITAR-TASS reported.The death of Chelyabinsk Artem Chichikov, which was appointed checking, happened at the airport on 18 August. Read more -->

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