The Prosecutor's office found irregularities in SIZO No. 1 of Chelyabinsk, where prisoners rebelled

The Prosecutor's office found irregularities in SIZO No. 1 of Chelyabinsk, where prisoners rebelledThe Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region completed verification in connection with the riots in the investigative isolator No. 1 of Chelyabinsk, which occurred on the night of 9 December 2014. Violations are found.Recall that on the night of 9th December at about 1.30 one of the prisoners Chelyabinsk facility, which was previously detected cell phone, urged others to act of defiance. He was transferred from the camera in an isolated space.After that the camera they started to knock on the door, have a smoke by burning scraps of wool from mattresses, banging dishes on batteries, and encourage others in custody to maintain the act of disobedience of the administration of the institution. As a result they were supported by about 100 people from 30 cameras.The criminal case. Read more -->

Almost like a "City without drugs". In Yekaterinburg convicted employees reabilitacionnogo center

Almost like a Collected by the investigative Department of Ekaterinburg evidence considered by the court as sufficient for sentencing the three inhabitants of Ekaterinburg in age from 32 to 34 years old, was a senior staff of the rehabilitation centre "Together".They were found guilty of illegal deprivation of freedom.As told in the press service of the investigative Committee of Sverdlovsk region, it was found that the rehabilitation center "Together" was located in one of the houses on the street Ural Workers in Yekaterinburg. In 2012-2013 in the center of the contained drug addicts, in a closed room in isolation from society, under the pretext of assisting them in overcoming the addiction, is charged with relatives or current rehabilitants. Persons who have passed the rehabilitation centre, came to him either on its own initiative or on the initiative of relatives.The patients were limited in relationships with your loved ones. They took away the means of communication, money, identification documents, keys from apartments, as well as other personal belongings, which excluded the possibility of escape. The centre was located in the house, equipped with a metal door with locking mechanisms, the keys of which has always been the center staff or their authorized persons from rehab. On the Windows of the house had metal grilles, handles on the Windows from the inside was missing.The investigation also found that the defendants were grossly violate the constitutional rights of rehabilitated to freedom and personal inviolability, freedom of movement, choice of place of stay and residence. Read more -->

In Perm arrives revision of the Ministry of environment. Zoo project in Chernyaev crumbling forest

In Perm arrives revision of the Ministry of environment. Zoo project in Chernyaev crumbling forestThe office of the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of nature use in Perm region received a letter from the Ministry of environment of the arrival of the Director of the Department of state policy and regulation in the sphere of environmental protection office of Dmitry Balanovich. It was he Perm ecologists have addressed a request to intervene in the project of migration of the urban zoo in the protected zone Chernyaev forest.In accordance with the request of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia in the Department of Rosprirodnadzor in Perm region 22 August at 13.00 will be held inter-Ministerial meeting chaired by Dmitry Balanovich on the issue of deprivation part Chernyaev forests of the status of specially protected natural areas, stated in an official letter to the Federal Agency.According to the assistant Director Irina Poroshina, Dmitry Belanovic is on a business trip and while accurate information about, will there be a meeting in Perm, no. In Kama Rosprirodnadzor expect that the meeting will take part of the regional officials. "The meeting should be held at our RPN with the participation of authorities, including the Perm region", - said Poroshina."As expected, the auditor will oppose the initiative of the Governor Basargin to host the zoo in Chernyaev forest, and on the fingers will prove all the futility of this idea" - tell familiar with the situation sources from among the opponents of the transfer of the zoo.Note that Belanovic plans to talk with the journalists, pre-press conference scheduled for Friday evening.In the administration of the Governor of the Perm region is unable to determine whether Viktor Basargin to participate in this meeting. Recall that it was he who promoted the idea of moving the zoo. Read more -->

Surgut, perhaps parted with direct elections of the mayor

Surgut, perhaps parted with direct elections of the mayorYesterday, there was held a press-conference of the head of Surgut Dmitry Popov (on photo). Answering one of the questions, he noted that the city will probably come in a number of municipalities with a double control system."I emphasize that we were talking about the possible introduction of city Manager. It was a response to a reporter's question. Dmitry Popov told in detail about the procedure. It is this: in its mandate is to initiate, he can only consult that will do," said a spokesman for the city administration Ekaterina Svedska.She also noted that consultations with deputies will start from January next year. But to make a decision and initiate changes in the city Charter must be the members. Read more -->

The child's parents in the Chelyabinsk region, which has lost hearing due to medical mistakes, sued 450 thousand rubles

The child's parents in the Chelyabinsk region, which has lost hearing due to medical mistakes, sued 450 thousand rublesKunashakskii district court of Chelyabinsk region have sought 450 thousand rubles with MBUS "Children's city clinical hospital в„–8", where due to medical mistakes three months the child is completely lost his hearing.As the correspondent in may three-month-old boy fell ill, has a fever. Parents have called an ambulance, the doctor took the disease for a cold. In the district hospital of the child a few days examined, the doctor concluded a brain haemorrhage and had a puncture. The boy's condition has worsened, the ambulance brought him in DGKB No. 8 Chelyabinsk. There he was diagnosed with meningoencephalitis mixed etiology". Read more -->

Putin asked to close pseudosasa "Perm-36""

Putin asked to close pseudosasa In the Perm region has started a serious struggle between supporters and opponents of the infamous Museum - the former colony "Perm-36". At that time, as pseudo-petition of the representatives of the "memorial" society collects the necessary 50 thousand signatures for "salvation from the collapse of the public Museum of the history of the Gulag", veterans of the interior Ministry and the Federal service write letters to the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, correspondent .Rage and local authorities. Thus, according to the media in Perm, yesterday, June 30, met the Commissioner for human rights in the Kama Tatiana Margolina with the head of the administration of Governor Alexey Frolov, on which the decision was made to shift the timing of the preparation of the cooperation agreement ANO "Perm-36" and the leadership of the Perm region on 8 July. Recall that participants held in the administration of the President of the meeting about the fate of the Museum agreed to sign the document until July 1, but their plans will probably spoiled a most unpleasant news from the Ministry of culture, which suddenly decided to refuse Federal target programs to perpetuate the memory of victims of repression." For this program, the Museum relied 560 million rublesOne of the authors of the appeal, the former supervisor of correctional labor colony No. 36 through the interior Ministry, Colonel Anatoly Terentyev describes Vladimir Putin the specifics of "cultural institution", which is shameless falsification of Soviet history Russophobic-minded individuals. Those who otherwise as a traitor not be called (collaborators, Ukrainian nationalists, the "forest brothers"), excursions in the Museum, affectionately referred to as "martyrs", "fighters for independence" and "dissidents". Read more -->

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