Guide ANO "Perm-36" will not bear the punishment for the rehabilitation of Nazism

Guide ANO Leaders ANO "Perm-36" will not bear the punishment for the glorification of traitors-Nazis, despite the fact that the police finally became interested in their Russophobic activities, correspondent .Yesterday, on a tip vigilant citizen rebels report of NTV on the well-known Museum is the former colony, Perm Department of the interior began checking the management activities of the nonprofit organization responsible for the ideological element of the "cultural" institutions. Director of ANO Tatiana Kurcina was called for explanations.Given that in April this year, the state Duma adopted the law on criminal responsibility for the rehabilitation of Nazism, providing up to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to 1 million rubles, it was possible to assume that the Directorate of the ANO will finally be punished. But too early to rejoice."All disappoint: none Museum workers are not threatened, as verifiable facts took place in winter of 2013, a year before the law. And no one would have known and did not raise once again the question of what in the "Perm-36" washed by the Nazis, if -- if invoked on the survey (as part of the material inspection at the request of citizens) Tatiana Kurcina, former Executive Director of ANO "Perm-36", she does not have merged all the media out of fear. And be afraid of it is because of what," says the representative of the Perm branch of "Essence of time" Sergei Wilis. . Read more -->

The Kuyvashev, Pasler discussed the implementation of "may" decrees of the President

The Kuyvashev, Pasler discussed the implementation of Evgeny Kuyvashev discussed with Denis Pasler implementation "may" decrees of the President. The efforts of the regional and municipal authorities concentrated on achieving the targets established in the decrees of the head of state and is aimed at improving the quality of life of people."By the end of the year we need to sum up the preliminary results of the implementation of the "may" of the decrees of the President, including in the areas, which need to be completed in 2015. Some issues have already passed the "point of no return", I mean the construction of kindergartens. This issue should be given special attention. You also need to understand what problems and difficulties in implementing other orders: increase in wages, improvement of state policy in the sphere of health, the provision of affordable and comfortable housing and other", - said Evgeny Kuyvashev.Denis Pasler noted that daily work on version 11 of the decrees concerning the Sverdlovsk region. He informed the Governor about the main indicators of socio-economic development of the Middle Urals. Read more -->

In Buryatia was an emergency with tourists from Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk. Five people were lost on the mountain rivers

In Buryatia was an emergency with tourists from Chelyabinsk and Irkutsk. Five people were lost on the mountain riversTwo PE occurred in Buryatia with tourists from other regions. As reported in the press service of the MIA of the Republic, Chelyabinsk were damaged when the alloy catamaran, and by the people - by the collapse of the bridge.Thus, yesterday at 22: 30, it was reported that when the alloy according to the snowy river group of tourists from Chelyabinsk in the structure 10, and 15 km from the village of Vydrino happened rollover catamaran with four tourists. Location three is not installed. At the accident scene and in the waters of the river are conducted search and rescue operations, police investigated the circumstances of the incident.Yesterday a group of tourists from the Irkutsk region comprising six people were returning from a trip to the lake sable, 25 km. from the village of Vydrino. Read more -->

In Konda invasion of stray dogs. Kindergartens even stopped to display students for a walk

In Konda invasion of stray dogs. Kindergartens even stopped to display students for a walkThe Prosecutor kondinskogo district was required to implement measures to capture of stray dogs, reported the press service of the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation in the region.See also:-->In Surgut man killed a stray dog. DeathThe test, which was conducted by the Prosecutor's office kondinskogo district, was built after the treatment of the local residents. The Ugorian people are massively complain about the increased attacks of stray dogs, including children. Moreover, as found by the Prosecutor's office, some kindergartens have even stopped to take children on walks due to the fact that was noticed on its territory aggressive stray dogs.Note, the local administration inexplicably not been catching stray dogs, which their number was awesome. Now the head of the administration was obliged to do by catching dangerous animals. Read more -->

It is possible that you will have to gather for a special plenary session of the state Duma. Of course, this situation will remain in first place for us in these two months vacation

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A week in the Tyumen region ill SARS more than 10 thousand people

A week in the Tyumen region ill SARS more than 10 thousand peopleIn the Tyumen region recorded the seasonal incidence of respiratory infections. Just last week registered 10 thousand 5 cases of acute respiratory viral infections.However, the flu has not registered - the incidence of the total population at the level of the threshold value, reducing to the previous week at 2.3%. This was reported in the press service of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Tyumen region.The Ministry also added that in the region of the ends vaccination campaign against influenza. Vaccination is carried out at the place of residence, in the workplace, in the health centres of enterprises and educational institutions. Today grafted 517 520 thousand people, representing 37.3 per cent of the population of the region. 350 thousand adults and 150 thousand. Read more -->

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