In Yakutia dogs killed to the death of a child

In Yakutia dogs killed to the death of a childIn the Yakut village of Tiksi on nine-year-old girl was attacked by stray dogs, correspondent .From his wounds, the girl died on the spot. The decision about the provision of material assistance to the family of the deceased girls, the government assumes responsibility for the medical rehabilitation of all members of the affected family.In the village organized patrols of places of mass gathering of people surrounding area child care centers and other places of potential occurrence of feral animals. . . . . Read more -->

Putin told the government to enable manual control mode

Putin told the government to enable manual control modeRussian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to focus on the fulfillment of social obligations and issues related to the maintenance of the ruble, reported the press service of the Cabinet.According to the head of state, the rate of the national currency is primarily the task of the Central Bank. "But without proper coordination with the financial and economic block of the government the Central Bank is unlikely to solve this problem effectively," Putin said at a meeting with members of the government.The President stated the need to resort to manual control of the economy. "You need to coordinate the work of all ministries and agencies need to coordinate the work with the administration of the President, with the Central Bank, it is necessary to keep everything in control; if required, although someone may dislike it, but in this case it is absolutely justified, enable and mode of the so-called manual control. In this case, there is nothing here to be ashamed of there," he said.Putin also instructed the government to work on sectors of the economy, as it did during the crisis of 2008-2009. According to the President, it should be clear, "who is responsible for what, what is the situation in the biggest enterprises of the country, as it affects the level of employment, how to solve social issues in enterprises that occurs in single-industry towns".Putin also noted that the difficulties in the economy are not only external. . Read more -->

In one of the shops Katiska sold "bacon from the future". Case took the CPS

In one of the shops Katiska sold In one of the shops Katiska the customer found the products from the future". The woman addressed in the CPS.As reported in the management of the Supervisory authority in the Kurgan region, a resident of Katiska bought in one of the shops in the city brisket smoked sausages "Fragrant". She was concerned that the product purchased in the store 27 th, had on consumer packaging manufacturing date on the 28th.In store shopper asked this question to sellers, on which she was advised to use the product in food is also on the following day, i.e. on the 28th. The sense of humor of the store employees did not reassure the customer. Never having dealt with a manufacturing date of the goods, the woman immediately went to the CPS."On the facts stated in the complaint, the territorial Department had initiated an administrative case, conducted an administrative investigation, as against the manufacturer of the goods, and the seller. Read more -->

MoE Chelyabinsk region is ready to qualify for Federal funding under the program of training of workers

MoE Chelyabinsk region is ready to qualify for Federal funding under the program of training of workersThe Ministry of education of the Chelyabinsk region is preparing a bid for participation in the Federal competition for funding under the program "Training of workers for socio-economic development of Russian regions". The total funding for the program is about 14.3 billion roubles correspondent ."We are writing the application. Want to participate in the Federal contest, and they will need a serious amount of co-financing from the region. Funds will be directed in two areas: training and production equipment and advanced training, including training in Russia and abroad, masters, teachers and heads of professional education institutions. But really the goal is full compliance training working professionals queries socio-economic development of the region. In this case, we a great help is the recently adopted strategy of socio-economic development until 2020, which is a guide for the preparation of an application. Read more -->

The head of Magnitogorsk Evgeny Teftelev recommended for the position of city Manager of Chelyabinsk

The head of Magnitogorsk Evgeny Teftelev recommended for the position of city Manager of ChelyabinskThe Commission for the contest for the position of city Manager of Chelyabinsk unanimously recommended that the head of Magnitogorsk Evgeny Teftelev on this post. The decision was made today at the closing session.As reported in the Duma, the Committee include the Vice-Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Nikolai Sandakov, Vice-speakers of the Legislative Assembly of semen, Mitelman and Yuri Karlikanov, head of the Chelyabinsk Stanislav Mosharov, as well as the deputies of the city Parliament Vladimir Bodrov, Sergei Ovchinnikov, Vladimir Shumakov and Andrew Schmidt.Just for consideration by the Commission was submitted six applications, but before the competition were allowed five candidates: Dennis Shabanov, Andrew Bersenev, Vyacheslav Dorokhov, Evgeny Teftelev and Natalia Gorokhov. Candidates were invited to make a five-minute presentation, after which the members of the Commission could ask the candidates questions. The candidates included a vision of urban problems and possible solutions."After listening to all applicants, the Commission held a vote on each candidate. All members of the Commission unanimously voted for the candidacy of Eugene Teftelev," - said in the Duma.Now candidacy Teftelev will be considered at the meeting of the city Duma. . Read more -->

On Yamal vacancies are nearly five times more than the unemployed

On Yamal vacancies are nearly five times more than the unemployedThe number of unemployed people registered at the employment service of the population of Yamal, as of February 26 was 2 346 thousand people, and the level of registered unemployment to 0.70%, was reported in the press service of the head of the Autonomous area.Interestingly, the demand for workers, which was declared by employers in the employment services of the population last week, increased by 156 units and amounted to 11 thousand 707 vacancies is higher than the total number of unemployed citizens of Yamal on 9 thousand 361 unit. . . . . . Read more -->

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