No sooner said than done! Deputies of EGG sent a letter about illegal hearings on the "dismemberment" in the Prosecutor's office) and

No sooner said than done! Deputies of EGG sent a letter about illegal hearings on the The deputies of the Ekaterinburg city Duma, as promised, sent appeals for cooking in the capital of the Urals public hearings on reform of LSG in the Prosecutor's office and the city of Eugene). Among the "remarks" in the hearings is "vague" wording topics, as well as the lack of published text of the municipal act, which will be discussed. The latter, in particular, contrary to the previously adopted resolution of the city Duma on the procedure for conducting public hearings, reports correspondent .Recall that a public hearing on the reform of local self-government, initiated by the "grey house", must pass on December 19 at the site of the CCP "Space". The head of Ekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman has already signed the corresponding decree.As previously told the correspondent member of EGD Alexander Kosintsev taken by the head of the Ural capital regulation on conducting public hearings contains quite vague wording: "On holding public hearings on the issue of transformation of the city of Yekaterinburg by creating several municipalities on the basis of existing urban areas". According to MPs, this formulation is very difficult to understand a simple citizen."We offer a question: do You Agree with the provision of areas of greater financial independence with unconditional preservation of a unified municipal formation "the city of Yekaterinburg?", said Kosintsev.Announcing a public hearing in the media, "the grey house" forgot to post the draft document, which will be discussed, and this is contrary to the previously adopted resolution of EGD about the conduct of such hearings."We carefully analyzed these published documents, drew attention to the fact that violated the provision, which was made of EGG back in 2006 on the procedure for conducting public hearings in our city. In particular, in the ad text that announces the holding of public hearings, there is no text of the draft municipal legal act which should be discussed. Read more -->

Surgutians twice abused stepson

Surgutians twice abused stepsonThe investigative Department of Surgut filed a case against numerous previous convictions 37-year-old local resident. He is charged with violent conduct of a sexual nature against a person under 14 years of age (p. b h 4 tbsp. 132 of the criminal code).The incident happened on the 24th and 27th of August 2014 in the summer house cooperative "Wings of Surgut", reported the press service of the SU TFR in Yugra. In these days the suspect was drunk. While in the house, he had committed violent acts of a sexual nature in relation to the nine-year-old boy who has a stepfather. Read more -->

The court has set a date for a preliminary hearing on the claim of the widow of Chelyabinsk Artem Chichikov to Sheremetyevo airport

The court has set a date for a preliminary hearing on the claim of the widow of Chelyabinsk Artem Chichikov to Sheremetyevo airportKurchatov district court of Chelyabinsk appointed on 30 September a preliminary interview on the claim of the widow Artem Chichikov, who died at Sheremetyevo airport, which requires 30 million rubles for the death of a spouse. According to the court, the defendants are Air Europa and JSC "Sheremetyevo international airport".As previously reported, on August 18 to 24-year-old Artem Chichikov was flying with his wife from their honeymoon flight Barcelona-Chelyabinsk". On the plane he had a heart attack, located in the cabin doctors from Barrow Valery Lukyanov had Chichikov help. The decision was taken to an emergency landing in Moscow. According to airport to Board the plane arrived, will be a special car to remove the victim from the aircraft and an ambulance with a medical team. Physicians more hours provided medical assistance, however, the passenger died.Relatives of the deceased do not agree with the position of physicians in the airport. Read more -->

"Now is the time". South Ural engineers urge the Ministry to recall the glorious past of Tankograd and to invest in the development of machine tool industry

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation by the end of October must submit a program of import substitution in the engineering industry, which will affect, first of all, the military-industrial complex and energy facilities. While the Federal office develops variant support domestic enterprises, South Ural engineers who are experiencing a shortage of staff and new machines, call the regional Ministry of industry to remember that the Chelyabinsk in the first place, not metallurgy, and Tankograd, and now is the time to use it in the conditions of the external environment.As the correspondent , in the Chelyabinsk region has 116 large machine-building enterprises. In the functioning of the industry involved is of the order of 84.5 thousand, or 2.3% of the population of the region.Head of industry Department of the Ministry of industry Chelyabinsk oblast Boris Bardin believes that the difficulties the industry began after the collapse of the USSR, as between suppliers and car manufacturers were close logistic connections. "Survive" managed only those who have kept localization in Russia.Meanwhile, according to Bardin, engineering region in the first half of the year showed an increase in 107,3% over the same period has passed. The same thing happens in metallurgy - increase of 101.7%."Growing metallurgy, grow and engineering enterprise. To talk about the recession today, probably not worth it, because the main peak of the recession has passed. Read more -->

Sands: the Threat in a telephone conversation with Putin and Poroshenko - fiction media

Sands: the Threat in a telephone conversation with Putin and Poroshenko - fiction mediaThe Kremlin has denied reports of a number of ukrasni about the alleged threats Vladimir Putin's address Poroshenko during the last day before the phone call."Indeed, on the initiative of the Ukrainian side yesterday was a telephone conversation between Hillary Clinton and Putin. But as for the messages, some media reports about the alleged content of the conversation - some threats, they are fiction and not true," said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov "Interfax".According to him, during the conversation the sides discussed bilateral relations and the situation in the South-East of Ukraine.Rejected assumptions about the threats from Russia and in the administration of the President of Ukraine, according to Kiev edition of "News" with reference to a source in the environment Poroshenko. They noted that "the conversation was constructive.". . . . Read more -->

Management companies Salekhard should providers more than 422 million rubles

Management companies Salekhard should providers more than 422 million rublesThe head of the administration of Salekhard Ivan Kononenko conducted the meeting of the crisis staff. The main issue of the meeting remains debt management companies and HOA before MP "Salehardenergo".As reported to the head "Salehardenergo" Yuri Items, since the beginning of this year, the debt management companies and homeowners associations to the supplier of energy resources increased by more than 142 million rubles and is 422 million 362 thousand rubles, reported the press service of the administration of Salekhard.In respect of the six management companies and HOA already entered bankruptcy proceedings. According to the mayor's office, talking about UK "chord", LLC "accord" HOA "North" HOA "Comfort" HOA "Arctic", MC "housing Reform"."Under surveillance - HOA "Union", filed claims for LLC "New city" the company "Yamal" and "Globalisers". There is also a positive trend: the bankruptcy of one has had an effect on the leaders of other management companies. They began to work on reducing its debt. Reduces the debt of Globalisers", "New city" the company "Yamal" and a few more companies," said the administration.A good example for others, says the head of Salehardenergo" must be the work of Walter "emerald city" HOA "emerald city" and MC "House" - these companies don't owe anything.The heads of several management companies invited to the meeting of the crisis staff, told how they work with defaulters, what steps are taken to reduce the debt of the company to the supplier of energy resources."Most of the criminal code of the debtor's debts arise not because the population does not pay for utility services or delaying payment, but because the money that people bring to the cashier of the criminal code, simply do not reach the power supply organization. Read more -->

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