Zoo in Chernyaev forest will be protracted because of lack of funding for the construction will stop halfway

Zoo in Chernyaev forest will be protracted because of lack of funding for the construction will stop halfwayFinancing the construction of the zoo in Chernyaev forest from the budget of the Perm region will be a violation of the Budget code of the Russian Federation. This was announced at a plenary session of the legislative Assembly member of the Lily Shiryaev, correspondent .Member drew attention to the fact that the zoo is not a state object, so it can not be allocated from the regional budget."Today, the zoo in the city of Perm is not public property, and the property of the municipality of the city of Perm, and in accordance with the regional law on the budget process, not Pets investment budget investment in objects that do not belong to the state property of the Russian Federation. We second year of the admitted violation of state law on the regional budget," said Shiryaev.Also from the project's main financial document of the edge member concluded that the construction of the zoo will stop halfway."As one of the financially considerable projects, we see the project "the zoo in the city of Perm with funding for 2014-2016, 1.1 billion rubles This is 12.5% of the total investment in public infrastructure. The remaining funds are still 1.3 billion elsewhere in the budget was not provided. By 2017, it is not. Accordingly, the government has no plans to build a zoo. Obviously, will be the same as now, only on a new site," said Shiryaev.Note that fateful Chernyaev forests meeting the city Duma about the illegality of building the PA said the Deputy Prosecutor of the city of Perm Anna Babkina. According to her, the deputies have no right to deprive the territory prirodookhrannogo status, because it is within the competence of the Federal authorities. Despite the objections, parliamentarians still changed the status of the forest "area of special parks". Currently, the regional Prosecutor's office is preparing a protest against the decision of the city Duma.

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