Scandal! Students staged a provocation at the briefing the acting rector of the Chelyabinsk state University

Scandal! Students staged a provocation at the briefing the acting rector of the Chelyabinsk state UniversityStudents in the field of religion staged a provocation at today's briefing, acting rector of the Chelyabinsk state University Yuri Milovidova, who works in this position only the second day. Students illegally came to the event for journalists and tried to figure out why the University is still working teacher Sergei Loginovsky in respect of which investigated the case of incitement of ethnic hatred, correspondent .The head of the Chelyabinsk regional Department of the youth Assembly of the peoples of Russia Alena Salicina told that the case against teacher-scholar was opened in may 2012. According to her, the teacher lectures called students for national intolerance: in particular, to evict the Bashkirs and Tatars from the southern Urals. The result was prosecuted under article 280 (public calls for extremist activities) and 282 of the criminal code (incitement to hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity). As explained Salicina, however, the case was closed with the lapse of time, thus, the teacher is still working at the University and those students who wrote a complaint were dismissed.First Provost of CSU Nicholas Mamaev reported that on 23 April at a meeting with the deans and rectors of the institutions he read the order of the investigative Committee in the case Loginovsky. Previously, he signed an Executive order to the address of the head of the Institute for humane education (IHE, one of the structures CSU - approx. amended) to spend up to 1 may, the Council, and to decide on the appropriateness of the employment relationship with the teacher-scholar. If the decision is positive, that is, Loginovsky will continue to work, Mamaev promised to require a guarantee that the teacher will not break the law.In General, the University believes that in a situation with Loginovsky not so simple: in the court records, on which he allegedly called for national hatred, lasts for only 5 seconds and can be simply taken out of context. As for expelled Studenov, they simply killed the session. They later recovered, but, apparently, will soon be expelled again because of the failure.Acting.

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