Putin recalled that sanctions have a boomerang effect

Putin recalled that sanctions have a boomerang effectVarious sanction measures, as a rule, have a boomerang effect, and are forced Russian-American relations to a standstill, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, responding to a question about the new sanctions imposed by the US against Russia."I am convinced that it is harmful for the national long-term strategic interests of the United States, the American people," Putin as saying by the press service of the Kremlin.Sanctions, according to Putin, can hurt American companies. "For example, large companies want to work in Russia, but when faced with certain restrictions, they will lose their competitiveness in comparison with other energy companies," he explained, Recalling that Russia was allowed to work on its offshore ExxonMobil."Well, they don't want it to work there? They damage their largest energy companies, and all for what? For the sake of having made one mistake, to insist on another? I think it is, at least, unprofessional approach," Putin said.The President said that sooner or later such solutions to international problems will have to change, "but the damage will have to write off the losses to those who do it.".

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