UTair performs optimization: pilots complain to the Union on the reduction of 2 thousand pilots

UTair performs optimization: pilots complain to the Union on the reduction of 2 thousand pilotsIn late July, the airline "UTair" adopted a comprehensive program to improve efficiency and structural cost optimization 2014-2015 "Impulse". The company's General Director Andrei Martirosov said that the program will affect all major divisions of the company, and all reforms will begin at the top. But in August, the alarm raised bottom, the Union announced large cuts of pilots.Experts have told that this is not the occasion once again to compose the epitaph "UTair", this time the company will certainly cope with their financial difficulties.Air carriers are experiencing not the best times. If at the end of 2013, analysts expected growth of passenger demand, it is now cause for optimism airlines remains."The aircraft had plans growth of 15%, now they are gone and dynamics can be reduced to zero. Yields fall and prices rise kerosene, requirements to reduce ticket prices. Eventually suspended its activities "Moscovia", 123 Russian airlines three are already in limbo," he described the situation on the market Vice President of trade Union of pilots Russia Willie Vecherko.For these same reasons, "UTair" started optimization, which was to touch and frames, but not workers, and management."At least 30% reduced the number of Deputy General Director and other management personnel, produced a complete rejection of the use of personal service cars. A significant number of subsidiaries and dependent companies of the group, namely the company's maintenance, offices and companies engaged in other activities will be liquidated or restructured," he said in July.In PLC reported that reductions really are in different cities, but optimization has touched thousands of pilots. The information comes from the pilots and from trade unions. "For such companies as "UTair", the reduction scale of the order of two thousand pilots," says Vice President of trade Union of pilots of Russia, pilot Oleg Prikhodko.In the airline to respond promptly to the request failed, citing the fact that all employees engaged in the topic of the crash of the MI-8. The carrier Agency sent an official request.Members of the PLC see several possible reasons for the redundancies. UTair very long flying aeroplanes, but could not develop and the airline massively began to move on aircraft of foreign manufacture. For several years the company has gained a lot of Boeing, ATR, Airbus. This transition is associated with large amounts of borrowed funds. Now the dollar has increased, and, accordingly, payments and the cost of leasing has also increased," says Prikhodko.Recall, UTair has signed a contract for 20 Airbus A321 delivery in 2013-2016, earlier in 2011, a contract was signed on 20 ATR 72-500. Program updates for 2014, the Park will be the Park will be 22 new aircraft, among which 8 Airbus 321, 6 Sukhoi Superjet 100, 8 Boeing 737.The second reason optimization is a powerful development of a network of flights in Russia. The most profitable flights - Moscow, UTair performs many flights between other cities, they bring less income. Meanwhile, the alarming news is not talking about the deterioration of the financial situation of the company, according to experts, "UTair" gradually emerging from a difficult situation. However, suffer from the staff."Autumn buried the company, but the adoption of the plan "Impulse" contributes to reducing costs on many items. This gives hope that the company will not go bankrupt, and cope with their difficulties. We can't lose "UTair", because it is not ordinary care airlines.

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