In Tyumen judged gang skimmers, stole from the Bank card about 2 million rubles

In Tyumen judged gang skimmers, stole from the Bank card about 2 million rublesIn Tyumen convicted six people with skimming equipment was stolen from 82 Bank card holders about 2 million rublesAs have informed in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office, on the dock was a 28-year-old Eugene Knyazev and Sergei Glagolev, 27-year-old Ivan Sergei Sharapov and Kubasov, and 26-year-old Timur Labazanov and 25-year-old Vladimir Averin.As suggested by consequence, in August 2013 Sharapov, Labazanov, Kubasov and Glagolev had conspired to steal money from Bank cards with skimming equipment, consisting of two plates. One of them was mounted on the card reader and read all the information from a Bank card, and the other with a miniature video camera was attached directly to the ATM and recorded dialed pins. After that, the attackers with the help of a special program produced clones of Bank cards and using pin codes, filmed cash through ATMs."The installation of skimming equipment on ATMs crooks was put on stream. In December of the same year to the criminal Quartet was joined by Averin, and in the beginning of March 2014 to the group joined Knyazev. However, banks also were not idle: 29 December 2013 skimming equipment was found at one of the ATMs and seized Bank employee during a scheduled inspection, which prevented the theft of Bank cards 66 citizens over 1.7 million rubles", - said the Prosecutor's office.6 March 2014 when removing kimigabuchi equipment from ATM Knyazev and Averin were detained by law enforcement agencies that have prevented the theft of 26 card holders more than 438 thousand rubles After some time Sharapov, Labazanov, Kubasov and Glagolev themselves came to the police with a confession.During the period from September 2013 to February 2014 with Bank cards through ATMs was illegally cleared 1 million 934 thousand rubles From the actions of criminals in total were injured 82 people from Tyumen and Zavodoukovsk. Damage to the card holders in the most part was reimbursed by the banks in the rest of the - accused.

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