It "just tourism"! The head of the American E1 go to Kiev

It The head of the American media in the Urals, chief editor of the portal E1 Rinat Nizamov planning a winter vacation to visit the capital of Ukraine Kiev. According to Nizamova, the purpose of his visit - cultural, he intends to visit the museums and attractions and to stay away from politics.Friends on the social network was divided into two camps. The first was warned that there might be trouble on the border, because Ukraine has banned the entry of the Russians male colorizing age. Others, on the contrary, strongly supported the idea of a cultural visit to the capital of the neighbouring state, starting to list the must-visit places. So, Nizamova advised: "near Odessa is a wonderful plant Shabo wines..." And only one person noticed that visit the Bastion of fascism at least unethical, until the fault Kiev punishers by order of the "elected government" in the Donbass kill civilians. However, this is the only commentator quickly silenced the rest.Note that previously portal Nizamova mocked the victims of the Donbass militia, who came to fight from the Sverdlovsk region. "Apolitical" E1 talked about sending volunteers in the Donbass, from the material liberally minded audience jumped to the conclusion - here it is, proof of transportation of the Russian mercenaries for wages, as well as weapons under the guise of "humanitarian aid".Recall, city portal "Yekaterinburg Online" (Р•1.RU) sold by the operator VimpelCom American publishing house Hearst Shkulev Media/the House in the first quarter of 2013, at the same time, the editorial Board was headed by Rinat Nizamov.

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