In the public chamber of the Perm region will discuss the situation with the Museum "Perm-36""

In the public chamber of the Perm region will discuss the situation with the Museum In the public chamber of the Perm Krai will discuss the situation of the infamous Museum "Perm-36", closed in the spring of this year for the debts, correspondent ."Commission for the promotion of culture is to consider the letter which has come to us from the "memorial" society in support of the Museum "Perm-36", - said the Chairman of the Commission Anatoly Pickalov, adding that the meeting of the Commission will be held on July 10.Recall that in late June, the Perm branch of "Memorial" sent a letter to the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin with a request "to save them from collapse of the public Museum of the history of the Gulag". With the same purpose was the petition on the portal, which at the moment has already collected 50 426 thousand signatures. However, it is hardly necessary to judge the objectivity of such a vote. The experiment showed that the portal anyone can vote countless times under fictitious names and non-existent email addresses.Local media reported that initiated the inclusion of a question about the Museum "Perm-36" became the General Director of the tourist company "Eurasia" Sergey Minaev. It is noteworthy that along with the "Memorial" for the Museum said the representatives of the local tourist industry, concerned by the alleged reduction in the flow of tourists in the Perm region.Recall that the infamous Museum "Perm-36", sponsored by American funds, is currently closed for the debts, at the end of the summer he faces a court with the power company. In a deplorable state institution was due to the cessation of Federal funding for targeted program "to perpetuate the memory of victims of political repression". Observers have linked the absence of cash flows as with the budget deficit, and "insight" of the authorities, which, thanks to the media and protests volunteers, realized the damage from the Museum, it is difficult for Russia and the neighbouring state of Ukraine time.

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