Putin, Sechin will work. He is an effective Manager

Putin, Sechin will work. He is an effective ManagerThe head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin has proved to be an effective Manager that works. To dismiss him no one is going, said Russian President Vladimir Putin to a journalist's question about the behavior of "Rosneft", which was asked to 1.5 trillion rubles from the NWF, and then spent several large purchases of U.S. technology and, under some assumptions, dropped foreign exchange market, the bond offering 625 billion rublesThe President inquired about the salary Sechin, but to answer this question Putin could not: "I don't know the salary Sechin. I, honestly, even his salary... As would bring, I put on the invoice sent. Don't even consider. As for Sechin I don't know. But you know that employees of large companies get a substantial amount of money. But we must look at the level of their wages compared with wages in the country, although it should be borne in mind. And watch as their counterparts in the corporate world," said Putin, adding that tomorrow Sechin may operate a foreign specialist who does not want to receive less than in the same structure abroad."I don't want to make it look real so that we Sechin's going to fire. He will work. It works quite properly and quite effectively. He is an effective Manager was," said the President.

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