The junta counted Russia fines of $17 million for violating airspace

The junta counted Russia fines of $17 million for violating airspaceAccording to the Kyiv junta, Russia must pay 200 million UAH. (more than $17 million) for the violation of the airspace of Ukraine, said on Friday, the press service of the Ukrainian government, the correspondent ."We now initiate the consideration of complaints of Ukraine in international organizations, which are not judicial, but have the appropriate control functions. We are preparing a Memorandum on the treatment of International aviation organizations about the violation by Russia of our airspace. Every day the State aviation inspection approximately $1 million fines Russian aviation companies. The amount recorded there, is more than 200 million UAH., and it is growing daily," the lead in the press-service of the word of the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.Petrenko said that Ukraine intends to use the mechanisms of international conventions to fix the violations and to force Russia to compensate for the losses"".

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