"Criminals are called victims of the regime". Perm veterans of Afghanistan wrote to Putin about "Perm-36""

Veterans of Afghanistan wrote a letter to the government of Perm Krai Vladimir Putin about the scandalous Museum "Perm-36" correspondent ."The establishment of the all-389/36 was created for punishment collaborators, traitors of the "Russian liberation army" Vlasova, who fought with the Nazis against the Soviet Army, Bandera from Western Ukraine, "forest brothers" from the Baltic. In the Museum "Perm-36" these citizens are represented as fighters against the Soviet regime, as the heroes of the struggle for the independence of their country from Soviet occupation. Criminals are called victims of the regime," - said in the letter.The authors of the letter are asked to initiate an independent financial review of the activities of the Museum, to give a legal assessment of its activities as "anti-Russian and anti-Soviet project to discredit our history and the heroic past of our people." Festival "Sawmill" the authors of the letter described as "a hotbed of debauchery" and "propaganda of the most disgusting". Copies of the letter sent to the Chairman of the regional government Gennady Technoloav and the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, reported by the local media.Recall, on the day the management of ANO "Perm-36" announced the termination of its activities on the territory of Perm region.

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