The Sverdlovsk all year round will be provided by the local production of potatoes

The Sverdlovsk all year round will be provided by the local production of potatoesSverdlovsk region will be provided year-round potatoes own production after in the Middle Urals will build a vegetable store. About the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev said today during a visit to krasnoufimsky vegetable store "Russian field", the correspondent .Vegetable store is literally the best. The company was established in February 2012, however, the leaders managed to create an almost unique not only for Russia but for the world of technology. In addition to storing vegetables, "Russian field" is specialized on the production of potatoes. For this the company has production equipment (mostly of foreign origin) and modern store that allows you to obtain and sell potatoes with minimal cost.As said General Director of "Russian field" Andrey Rogozhkin, the area planted with potatoes is 300 ha, and the yield is about 300 kg. The company can store 9-10 thousand tons of potatoes, a new modern vegetable storage capacity of 5 thousand tons"All the equipment, all the logistics, the device warehouses Andrey Vladimirovich invented himself with his team. There is no such thing in the world. Profitability is very high. I am sure that we will help refrigeration equipment, and residents of the city and surrounding towns will receive fresh potatoes all year round," said the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev.According to him, the producers one common problem: they have as quickly as possible to sell vegetables so as to keep them nowhere. The head said that in the Middle Urals currently being built eight vegetable, such krasnoufimsky, so the problem will be solved. Krasnoufimskom production the Governor also promised to help.In an interview with the Minister of agriculture and food of the Sverdlovsk oblast Mikhail Capitulum Evgeny Kuyvashev instructed to provide refrigeration equipment "Russian field" and to discuss other issues. According to the Minister, soon "Russian field" can get foreign partners."Come, Czechs, discussed, and not to do here the plant for deep processing of potatoes.

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