Scandalous Museum "Perm-36" will sue the power company for debts

Scandalous Museum "Permenergo" sued to guide the infamous Museum "Perm-36". Energy company collects non-profit organization debt for delivered electricity, correspondent .As it became known from the materials of the filing of the regional court of arbitration, the amount of the claim is 857,43 thousand rubles Judicial hearing is scheduled on August 8.Note that since the end of last month, the Museum "Perm-36" does not work due to the cessation of budget financing, which the institution relies on target program "the Perpetuation of the memory of victims of political repression".Observers attribute the lack of cash receipts as with the budget deficit, and "insight" of the regional authorities, which, thanks to the media and protests volunteers, realized the damage from the Museum, it is difficult for Russia and the neighbouring state of Ukraine.However, the enlightenment was caught not all. On the days of Perm travel agents, concerned about the lack of tourists, began collecting signatures in support of the Museum and representatives of the society "memorial" was a petition to the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin with the request to pay attention to the scandals institutions and to restore the "unique cultural monument".Simultaneously opened voting for the prosecution of the organizers of the Museum "Perm-36". Currently collected 1 th.

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