In the Urals opened the network structure of the Department of state: human rights defenders, "green", Islamists, nationalists...

In the Urals opened the network structure of the Department of state: human rights defenders, In the Middle Urals opened rezidentura network in the USA. Among the "agents of influence" was Muslim activists, environmentalists, human rights activists and radical nationalists. In this example, it becomes clear how to use the local American Consulate deployed elements of the network structure, which in peacetime solves the problem of the promotion of American influence and military - purpose weakening of the regime and the preparation of a coup. The work goes beyond traditional density - repeats the traditional scheme for the organization of mixed protest movement from diverse political and social forces. One of these volunteers said it was "embedded in the network", and pointed to those who have a relationship with the U.S. Consulate General correspondent .With the revelations made scandaleuses Pervouralsk society activist Stepan Chernogorov. He started his social activities with actions against foreign Finance the construction of the mosque madrasah "SABR". And "famous" when drew attention to plums waste into the river Chusovaya enterprise "Russian chrome 1915" in may 2013. Environmental issue then also became interested member of the Public chamber of the Sverdlovsk region Svetlana Efanova, member of the state chamber activist and human rights defender Vasily Fishermen. Later Chernogorov was involved in a strange fight with passers-by, had resisted the police and gave it all for revenge JSC "Russian chrome 1915". And then I was put on trial and was convicted for inciting national hatred on his page in the social network "Vkontakte" he placed extremist pictures, also posted provocative leaflets around the city. The text of the leaflets shocked, and the image of a man with a gun in his hand and a bandage covering his face, and Crescent above it completed the picture and suggested the terrorist threat. Detection of campaign materials caused a wide public resonance, became a topic of discussion not only in social networks and forums, but also in government offices.Chernogorov told how he was "embedded in the network structure opponents, during which he managed to obtain information about funding American organizations subversive activities in Russia.It all started with the madrasah. "When I heard the information about the funding that has been suggested by foreigners, under the project of construction of madrasah in our city mosque, realizing that this madrasah will be a hotbed of non-traditional Islam, I began to look for ways to counteract this. Friend, former member of the Pro-government organization, advised with this problem to contact Basil Rybakov, because he had extensive experience in public and political activities, in addition at the moment Ribakov implemented the project "Government house", aimed at identifying shortcomings in the management area. During a personal meeting with Vasily Fishermen offered cooperation in the framework of the "Government house". To do this I needed to create a blog on LiveJournal. Basil Fishermen promised his support in those issues that I will raise in the blog. That's exactly what I got on Wednesday, activists, which is called "environmentalists" and "the defenders," explains Chernogorov.After the incident with the fight on the link came Vice-Consul in Yekaterinburg John Rutherford. Some time they communicated by e-mail, and later was appointed the meeting. At the meeting in the cafe of the hotel Hyatt Regency Ekaterinburg Consul hinted that he is ready to make efforts to solve environmental problems. And offered assistance from the Global Fund for human rights defenders, namely money on medical services. Then there was a publication about the activist back in Washingtonpost.All meetings was three, and the Consul offered different types of aid, but after the appearance of publications about the meetings in the media on the decision of the Washington John Rutherford was withdrawn from Russia.Recognition Chernogubov, he soon learned that besides him and Svetlana Ifanboy Consul could communicate and Sergey Ivin, regional representative of the NDP party, which I was told that the activities of Government Commerce aimed at the seizure of power, when pushing the situation in Moscow." Simultaneously with the "extremist" the case against Chernogubov case brought by the organizer of "Russian marches" in Yekaterinburg - Maxim Vahromova."How Basil Fishermen and defenders had to defend him, I had some questions. Given the apparent insanity of this character, I have repeatedly asked Rybakov question: why do we need to defend him? But a clear answer from Rybakova I was never able to get," says Chernogorov.According to him, on the eve of the "peace March", which was attended by including the head of Sutyajnik Belyaev, it became known that the nationalists organizing "Russian March" in Yekaterinburg, plan to participate in the March in support of the Ukrainian authorities. As recognized by one of their former associates, the group "Russian March Ural" and had contacts with representatives of the American Consulate. This time to participate in the "March of peace" with them, allegedly demanded in exchange for previously provided legal and financial assistance. In the midst of the Maidan in Kiev "Russian March Ural" was marked by the support of the Right sector."Maxim Bahramov (with contacts with representatives of punitive battalions "Aidar" and "Azov") and Dmitry Thunder (Kuznetsov) appointed as representative of the nationalists on the "peace March" - Oleg Sheiko," said Chernogorov.As for the Muslims, then, according to him, in the area spread the two streams of non-traditional Islam: Wahhabism and the teachings of the Tablighi Jamaat. So, in Pervouralsk on the basis of the second mosque in the village Talitsa, acts cell Tablighi Jamaat, under the leadership of Rashid, Imam of the mosque. Periodically in a closed circle they are going to conduct the sessions according to the teachings of the Tablighi, in certain of their teaching time they go out to preach their views in the Tatar village, where enlist themselves converts. Also cell Tablighi Jamaat operates in the town of Revda, where it is very large - of the order of 50-100 people, composed mostly of immigrants Kyrgyzstan. Many radicals from CIS countries are forced to leave their country because of strict punishment at home for extremist activity. However, here Chernogorov on the direct link of the Islamists with the Americans does not indicate, however, that meetings of the employees of the U.S. Consulate with Muslim organizations are regularly known for a long time. Against the backdrop of worsening relations of the Russian Federation and the United States follow traditional Islamic movements in them I try not to participate.As far as can be judged, in Yekaterinburg was opened a whole network structure of the U.S., consisting of human rights activists, nationalists, "green" and representatives of radical Islamic movements. According to "intelligence network" opened by the counterintelligence and Chernogorov probably acted as a "mole" that he indirectly confirms, answering the question of "introduction"".

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