Ferry "Salekhard - Labytnangi" closes until the next navigation

Ferry Today at 10.00 terminates ferry Salekhard - Labytnangi. Weather conditions do not allow the ferries to travel on the river. Passenger busy helicopters, reported the press service of the Governor of Yamal.At 8.30 the first flight of the helicopter. On the river, on which the route of the ferry last night rages low drifting snow. Today, according to the Yamalo-Nenets center for Hydrometeorology gusts of wind on the Ob river near the crossing reached 17 m/s Visibility will be 4-6 km According to rivermen such weather conditions would not allow the ferries to move in a regular mode.Helicopter transport, in contrast, is possible. Embarkation and disembarkation of passengers on the helicopter is at the airport Salekhard and on the helipad Labytnangi. Fixed rates in this area are 880 rubles. Tickets can be purchased at the box office on the first floor of the terminal in Salekhard, in Labytnangi on the heliport.

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