Kontiev during questioning, denied the charges of murder and refused further readings

Kontiev during questioning, denied the charges of murder and refused further readingsFormer Vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Victor kontiev in the course of giving his testimony on April 7 in the Kurgan regional court stated that he was not involved in the death of two TRANS-Ural businessmen, was not the organizer of the murder and pleaded not guilty on all charges brought against him by the investigation. In addition, the arguments of public prosecutions ex-official was called "fantasy, crazy and monstrous charges based on the testimony of people who have lost conscience" correspondent .Recall that in the criminal case initiated against the former Deputy head of the administration of Yekaterinburg Victor Conceiva appears the charges on items "a", "W" and "h" h 2 tbsp. 105 of the criminal code. According to investigators, he acted as the customer murders Kurgan businessmen Andrei Volkov and Valeria Khudyakov. As previously reported , the public Prosecutor at the court stated that to kill the Volkov kontiev attracted Glazyrina, which, in turn, the crime was committed together with Kiel and defendants Halidom, Baranovym, Yusupov and Sidorov. Andrei Volkov was killed on 21 April 2005 in the city of Petukhovo, according to the Prosecutor, Paranova and Yusupov, who first stole the entrepreneur, and then strangled and buried in the forest. Murder Valeria Khudyakov, one of the informal leaders of the gang "Uralmash", was made on 8 September 2006. According to investigators, the murder Conceivin was allocated 1 million rubles To the crime were involved Keil, Glazyrin, Nozadze, Topchishvili. Khudyakov was shot in the Mound near his home in the 2nd district Zaozerne, and then taken out and killed outside the city. The body of the criminals was doused with gasoline and set on fire, then buried in a pit.In his speech in court kontiev noted that he was not involved in these crimes and did not give orders to murder people. In addition, according to the defendant, he did not know these men, and never knew him. The official confirmed that basebase had problems with the passage of trucks through Petuhovo customs , but they were not serious enough to resort to murder. According to him, through customs in the Urals were no more than 3-4% of all cargo coming to the base. As noted by kontiev, no economic interest in eliminating people he had not.Also kontiev explained that the accused Glazyrina was his own business and he was interested in the passage of goods through customs. Their problems, according to the former Vice-mayor, Glazyrin decided to Kiel themselves and for this they left in the Kurgan region. According to Kontiev, to solve his conflict with "uralmashevskoi" and Khudyakov was a member of the OPS, that was the way the murder, he could not."What order people OPS? It means to be a suicide. In a week I would be gone. OPS Uralmash serious and strong organization, everything is solved through negotiations. I paid quarterly money OPS, and if I had ordered the murder, would have begun a new round of war. And I'm even in a nightmare could not assume that violate these requirements. Why should I? To lose money and base? This is nonsense, who can come up with Rusina and investigators!", said kontiev.According to the former Deputy head of the administration of Yekaterinburg, Glazyrin and Keil, who gave respect to his testimony, talked about him because he broke with them when they learned about their theft on a vegetable base No. 4. Other evidence, in addition to their evidence, as noted by the ex-official, investigators do not have."Glazyrin is a man who has lost his conscience and slandered me, only because he was given the opportunity to be at liberty. He three times convicted, accused of killing two persons and does not admit his guilt and he is on the loose! Murder is a serious crime. I detained 2.5 years due to a felony offense, and he's on the loose. Keil could say anything: for testimony against me for killing Volkova and Khudyakova he was given one year!", - outraged kontiev.Also Victor kontiev explained another fact of extortion of bribes, accusing it of consequence and the fact that the money or other property acquired by criminal means. As noted, in 2008 he decided to develop business and to do this, began to monitor the activities of Rusina Director is vegetable base. At the same time kontiev and found that his ally hides from him the profit and deliberately, he said, pushing the company into debt, which has accumulated more than 500 million rubles"She realized that he was losing control of vegetable base and 3 December 2008 was replaced by the enterprise security, ordered not to miss the territory trusted me violence. result In arbitrary actions Rusina I ceased to have the ability to control the activity of the base, me and my wife was denied access to the base," said kontiev, adding that she was removed from the accounts, all money, including funds in the amount of 72 million rubles invested his wife for business development.After a long confrontation with Anteevy, the woman decided to sell its stake. But, as noted by the court kontiev, buyers could not find and asked him to buy back its stake, which he in the beginning of 2000-ies increased it from 4% to 48%. In the end, the deal was done, and ex - Vice-mayor acquired a stake Rusina 25 million rubles, But the fact of the voluntary sale, according to Kontiev, the investigation and the victim in the case interpreted as extortion."I did not commit these crimes. I'm sorry that hurt the people who made legitimate civil transactions. I was 61 years old. I am accused that I used to work as Vice-mayor. I have developed the business in Yekaterinburg. This is what my crime? I'm not ashamed for what I've done for the city. I had a family. Was because Rusina and investigators from the UFD, today I have family there. My wife for slander "girlfriends" don't know where my children there was a revaluation of values. My son did not want to continue their studies at the faculty of law, when he saw what was happening with the law in Russia. Suddenly everything is destroyed. I can only hope that I will be heard by the court and the truth will prevail," he summed up his five-hour speech Victor kontiev.The defendant asked the judge to add his testimony to the case and referring to the legal right, refused further testimony in court.After that, gosobviniteli read the testimony Kontiev, which he gave during the preliminary investigation, where the official said that has nothing to do with a vegetable base. On that Vice mayor stated that at the time did not want to disclose the fact of belonging his company and didn't want to let his colleagues, which was a consequence of the pressure.

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