In Perm held a public hearing on the change of zoning for DCI

In Perm held a public hearing on the change of zoning for DCIIn Perm held a public hearing on the change of urban land use and development in respect of change of urban zoning for DCI. In the case of the project on the site can accommodate the new modern zoo (Bioparco). The event attracted about 400 people. Everyone had the opportunity to listen to different points of view, to Express their opinions and suggestions on the draft change of zoning, said the city administration.As explained at the city Department of planning and architecture, the project envisages a change in zoning for DKZ area urban forests (CH) zone special parks (R-5). This zone is intended for the preservation and development of special parks in scientific and recreational purposes. Its establishment means that on-site for DCI you can only build a zoo or Botanical garden.This decision in mid-August was approved by the city Commission on land use and building. In addition, the project supported the Director of Moscow and Novosibirsk zoo. The team also sent their project proposals with the Commission before the public hearing.Public discussion of changing the zoning for DCI gathered about 200 inhabitants of Perm. They expressed different points of view. So, the Director of the Perm school spoke in support of the project. They noted that the new zoo, posted here, will be a science-leisure centre for children.Larissa Riabova, Director of school в„– 132 with in-depth study course environmental profile says: "the Placement of the zoo in the recreational area will give children the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge about the animal and vegetable world. Moreover, the study of animals can be in natural conditions. And the good accessibility and proximity to the center will make this object is popular among students and their teachers".Moving the zoo to a new place was also made by the representatives of the Perm eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. They noted the importance of this decision in connection with the restoration of historical justice and the liberation of the territory of the former Episcopal cemetery. The object is moved to the site for DCI supported and large parents, who explained how important transport accessibility for people with three or more children, and no personal transport. For them placing a zoo on the outskirts of means the actual refusal from a visit to this object. On the other hand landscaped recreational area in the centre will provide them and their children a new place for leisure and recreation.Supported the transfer of the zoo and the famous residents of Perm. Thus, the support has been artistic Director of the Perm theatre of the young spectator, Honorary citizen Perm Michael Buffoons: "the Zoo is built primarily for children, for young people from Perm. Therefore, it is important to create such conditions under which this object will be available to all. This proposal, I think, meet the necessary requirements.There were other points of view. In particular, some of the participants were concerned with cutting down trees and compensatory planting. Touched on economic and financial issues of building a new facility. Also the participants of the public hearings was mentioned problems of ecology and comfortable places for sports.Receiving comments and suggestions continued until the end of the discussion. All submitted proposals will be sent to the Commission on land use and building.

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