The issue with the train Kurgan-Chelyabinsk" resolved: Chapter TRANS convinced the carrier to return the route

The issue with the train Kurgan-ChelyabinskThe residents of the Kurgan region and the Governor of the TRANS Oleg Bogomolov managed to defend the right to carry passengers to Chelyabinsk railway transport. From the Mound again you can go to a nearby town on the train, but now - with a small change, correspondent .Recall that on 14 January this year, train superior No. 809/810 the message "barrow-Chelyabinsk" was cancelled. His solution manual South-Ural railway was explained by the fact that the route is unprofitable. Also in the terminal was noted that he had proposed to the government of the Kurgan region to subsidize the running of trains, but was refused. TRANS-Ural authorities learned about the decision of the railway just before the New year. Moreover, as previously mentioned , the regional government cannot by law to subsidize long-distance trains. Subsidies from the budget allocated for the organization of commuter traffic, and according to the amendments, with the 2013 suburban is limited to a distance of 200 km.Dissatisfied with the abolition of the train Kurgan began to turn to the head of the region, and also took to the streets demanding the return train: January 18, in the regional center TRANS picket. Governor Oleg Bogomolov January 31, met with the head of the South-Ural railway Victor Popov and discussed possible solutions to the problem. What options proposed by the head of the field, Bogomolov said today, 5 February, during his press approach envoy Igor Kholmanskikh to the journalists of the Ural district.Oleg Bogomolov and Igor Kholmanskikh"We have proposed to the leadership of the South-Ural railway, so she broke the route in two stages and took the train from Chelyabinsk to the Hype, and there would have been coupled with the train Kurgan-Hype". Then we are ready to pay for the damages, which carries the railway, in particular, commuter transportation. We met with the chief of the road Viktor Popov, and they will soon restore the movement of this train," said Oleg Bogomolov.Commented on the situation with the train Kurgan-Chelyabinsk" and Igor Kholmanskikh. Ural Ambassador noted that the parties - the government of the Kurgan region and the railway will necessarily agree."The railroad took the train and explained this by the fact that he has a small occupancy cars. But judging by the reaction of the residents of Barrow, the situation is different. And I am sure that the leadership of the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan region again with the railwaymen will solve the problem," said Kholmanskikh.Additionally, today it became known that a rail link between the cities will be rebuilt from 7 February.

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