Members of Saxo praised Putin's message as "specific" and focused on small and medium business: some expectations did not materialize

Members of Saxo praised Putin's message as Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region outlined the President's message to the Federal Assembly, as "concrete". Parliamentarians focused on the fact that great attention the President in his message focused on the development of small and medium business, as well as the field of defence procurement, but also not spared and education "Ural engineering school." Meanwhile, some expectations of MPs from the President's message did not come true: from the head of state also wanted specifics on gubernatorial elections and maternal capital throughout Russia, not only in the Crimea."I thought it would be a little longer, but it turned out to be a bit more concise, just over an hour, but very saturated concrete proposals. Me a message like its concreteness," he said in an interview with the correspondent member of Saxo Eugene Artyukh."It is clear that the message was focused on two things: Ukraine and the economy. As for specifics, a lot has been said about small and medium business and as such business in General. In simple words I would say that strongly emphasized the President said to focus on the development of small and medium business. That's right, because small and medium business is the Foundation where you may receive and be formed middle class, which we are lacking," he said in an interview with the correspondent member of Saxo Andrew Alshevskih..We are talking about new approaches in the activities of the Supervisory authorities, as well as the input of the Supervisory vacation for honest entrepreneurs. Another important aspect expressed in the message of the President, was the recording of the tax conditions for the next four years, as well as tax holidays for beginners to work for the first time enterprises."A very important and specific proposal to the government to take measures to improve access of small and medium business and public order. Today there are measures that not less than 15% of purchases should go through small business, but in fact, these measures do not work. The President proposes to expand. In addition, to organize a system where small businesses will be procured goods and services for state needs. It is also very important from the point of view of entrepreneurship support, if budget funds will be allocated to small businesses through public procurement," said Eugene Artyukh.According to the Deputy, the President drew attention to a small business, "because under sanctions, small businesses are less susceptible to sanctions, as such". "Large enterprises that have foreign partners, the same Uralvagonzavod, has already experienced it, and the small business he was working, and working. If we today what the President said, we will implement, we will use the money from the budget to support the business through government contracts, procurement and so on - we will develop a small business, save the labour market, the released workers from large enterprises will be able to work in a small business. Thus, we will retain and stabilize the situation," said Artyukh.A special impression on the members of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region has produced what the President has said about the scope of the state defense order and the budgetary comparison theft terrorism."I immediately tried it said on the General situation in the sphere of public procurement. Today on the example of a project on "private purchase" in the Sverdlovsk region, we see how ineffective the budget funds are spent on the procurement website exhibited questionable purchases. The President does not accidentally paid attention to it. At the last Forum actions, 17-18 November, was called a specific number: if restore order in public procurement, the effect of bringing order to the Russian economy would be about 1 trillion rubles, and it is a thousand billion, a colossal figure. In relation to the Sverdlovsk region, now please - CRT - 5 billion spent ineffectively budget money," commented Artyukh."Quite a serious statement and the intention to ensure that almost all of these violations and theft in this area that affect the disruption of public order, almost equal to terrorism. Most likely, this will entail some action. Must be personal responsibility", - said Andrey Alshevskih.The attention of the parliamentarians also attracted the practice of "zero readings". Deputies do not exclude that this format could be applied in the Public chamber of the Sverdlovsk region. According to them, it would be nice to try it out on the adopted budget for the following year.Separately, the head of state focused on education. "The positive point is in terms of reconstruction and construction of new schools. Quite pleased to hear that on the Federal level will be developed target program, where this problem will be solved. This problem actually is: now we have children in two shifts learn, as time goes by, and those children for whom we have built kindergartens, go to school, and schools will be missed", - shared his impressions Andrew Alshevskih.He also noted that rather interesting than the President did, speaking about "the Ural school of engineering". The idea is that the students coped with the terms of reference better than the students. "When people started to talk about the middle and higher professional education, I have the impression that our schools teach well enough, and when students enter institutions, it is unclear what they are teaching, because the output is not so good as we would like. The President noticed this. The President has made it clear that our engineering school is in trend. The President noted that this is the direction we need to develop and work", - said the MP.The positive sign of the MPs saw in Putin's political parties at the end of the message - the deputies saw this as a call to consolidate power. "Political parties should assume some responsibility. In my understanding, this is the first step to in the Sverdlovsk region government was formed not on the party principle-oriented "ER", and on the principle of people's trust," said Alshevskih.It is noteworthy that the deputies also drew attention to the order which the President gave the Federal Government. We are talking about reducing inflation to 4%, while this year the level projected at 9%. "Many assignments that today the President gave to the Federal Government, in my opinion, impracticable, that can serve as the basis and reason for the Government's resignation," said Alshevskih.Meanwhile, according to deputies, the message they would also like to hear the specifics of this capital in the whole of Russia, not only in the Crimea. Federal measures to support fertility through the provision of maternity capital will be phased out in 2016, what to do next, parliamentarians still unclear.

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