"Victim" from article Novel Yushkova has no relation to the peoples of the Caucasus

Aggrieved from the articles of the Novel Yushkova organization, as it turns out, has nothing to do with Caucasian peoples. This conclusion defendant and his lawyer did before today's meeting, which petitioned for the return of the case to the Prosecutor for further investigation. However, the court found revealed contradictions insignificant and started fixing them myself, correspondent ."The main drama was this: the other day we advocate made an amazing discovery in the indictment and other documents of the criminal case as the victim appears social organization of the Chechen and Ingush republics "Commonwealth". We saw the founding documents of this organization is the state registration certificate, Charter and found that formally it has no relation to the Vainakhs. That is, neither Chechen or Ingush, Chechen, nor to Ingushetia, this organization does not apply. Not detected no ethnic or even regional characteristics. Then the question arises: on what basis this organization has been injured, if it has nothing to do with the Caucasus, the Vainakhs? In fact, it is a forgery investigation," said Roman Yushkov correspondent .On a motion by the defense with a request to return the case to prosecutors for further proceedings, the judge refused, explaining that the court is able to resolve these contradictions himself. Thus, the consideration of the criminal case will continue tomorrow."Another dramatic moment - Valery Milanov again failed to appear for court. The bodies of internal Affairs, to which the Prosecutor's office requested to ensure his attendance, were unable to provide," added Roman Yushkov. Previously, the author reported that the defense insists on the presence of the instigator of criminal proceedings, witness, Professor of Perm state University Valery Maslanova who have never attended the court session.Recall that the regional Prosecutor's office became interested in Roman Uskowi after publication in the newspaper "the Star" on July 19 last year, the article "Hysteria in the Pugachev", in which experts showed signs of extremism. The author of the material charged in two articles of the criminal code: "public calls to extremist activity" and "inciting hatred or enmity". Despite the fact that the six linguistic examinations interpret the article as an extremist, not everyone agrees. So, at the request of the defendants, doctor of philological Sciences, Professor Perm pedagogical University Ivan Padyukov held alternative research and came to the conclusion that the text extremist is not.Currently, supporters Yushkova collecting signatures in his defense. Their signatures under the appeal has left such prominent Russian figures as: Director of the Institute of globalization problems Mikhail Delyagin; writer, futurist, Maxim Kalashnikov, ex-Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, doctor of political Sciences Andrei Saveliev; chief editor of the information-analytical Department of "Russian folk line" Anatoly Stepanov; editor of the national-Patriotic newspaper "Tomorrow" Alexander Prokhanov, social worker, writer, publicist Ivan Mironov and others.Sign the petition for termination of repression Novel Yushkova offer the team and all who are not indifferent to the fate of the commune and of the regional newspaper "the Star". However, the list of signatures is unlikely to affect the decision of the court. "Introduce them to trial is not possible. It is an act of symbolic moral support. Maybe this will be sent to the Chairman of the regional court or the regional Prosecutor, but in General no legal meaning of this action there," concluded Yushkov.

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