Payments for capital repairs of apartment buildings with people you don started in November

Payments for capital repairs of apartment buildings with people you don started in NovemberIn the law of the Kurgan region "About the organization of capital repairs of common property in apartment houses" at the end of February will be amended. The amendments will reduce the installed cost contribution per square metre apartment and delay paying residents for almost half a year. Extra time, in the opinion of the public, must be used to inform the public. This decision was made by the Council of the Public chamber of the Kurgan region at its meeting on January 29, correspondent .Discussion of the controversial law TRANS last time at a meeting of the house turned into an hour. Council members were interested not so much the changes in the law, as the growth of negative attitudes among the population. Recall that the law "On organization capital repair of common property in apartment houses" was adopted Kurgan oblast Duma on October 29, 2013. In November, the government of the region has established monthly minimum required contribution per square metre apartment - 9 rubles 60 kopecks this figure has aroused the indignation of the people of the region, especially the Kurgan, because in the Urals was set to the highest rate in the Ural district. So, in the Tyumen region residents will have to pay 7 rubles 50 kopecks, in the Sverdlovsk - 6 rubles 10 kopecks, Chelyabinsk - 6 rubles a New line in the receipts had to come presumably from April-may 2014.Present at the meeting, the Deputy head of the Department of housing and public utilities Department of construction, examination and housing Kurgan oblast Alexander Medvedev explained that at the end of 2013 the state Duma adopted amendments to the Housing code of the Russian Federation. According to them, in a list of houses that are subject to major renovation, now does not include buildings in which there is less than three apartments. In addition to these changes, and the types of work that will be conducted under the program overhaul. So, from the list of excluded collective installation of metering devices, the reconstruction of roofs and insulation of facades. In connection with the new requirements, the regions should amend their laws."The subjects are given the right to leave these kinds of works. We decided to leave only the insulation of facades. The question for us is painful, people complain that the angular apartments freezes in winter," said Medvedev.Taking into account the reduction of the repairs should be reduced and the total cost of the overhaul of all the houses and the contribution from owners per square metre apartment. As was noted at the meeting, despite the fact that the amendments have not yet been adopted, the regional Department for state regulation of prices and tariffs have already started to count rate.One of the residents gave more time to choose the way of the accumulation of funds for major repairs: on account of the operator or to create the HOA and to save yourself. To decide the apartment owners now have the right within six months, not two months, as it was before.As noted Medvedev transferred and the date of payment of monthly installments, four months after publication of the regional programme to overhaul up to eight. Given that the amendments to the law and the program will be accepted in late February, the obligation to pay contributions will come from you don November. "The timing could leave, but we decided not to do it", - said Alexander Medvedev.General Director of the regional Fund major repairs Dmitry Dokin explained to the members of the Council of the Public chamber, which is in the program for overhaul were almost 3 thousand 700 apartment buildings, of which 1 500 thousand are in the Mound. According to him, the repairs will last for 32 years but within 10 years in each block will be any types of work."Given that in the Urals was created about 400 HOA, one of them capable of 10-15%, the duty to collect payments from the population and the organization of repair will be borne by our Foundation," said Dokin, adding that they will work with 200 thousand owners.The Chairman of the Kurgan regional Association of employers "Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Sergey Muratov asked Tokina, as will be the selection of contractors, and the Chairman of the Kurgan of the Board of veterans Alexander Mazein asked about control over the expenditure of money residents. According to Dmitry Tokina, the money will be sent only to the repair of houses, and the maintenance costs of the Fund will be borne by the regional budget.Raised by members of the Board and the question of the tariff. The public wondered why in the neighboring regions, the amount of payment is much lower."If in the Chelyabinsk region 6 rubles, and we have almost 10 rubles, then, of course, the population is outraged: why they are so, and we have that. Now the situation with these 9,6 RUB this we created", - said the Chairman of the Public chamber of the TRANS Oleg Bukhtoyarov."Less than 10 rubles, the rate is set at the expense of the regional budget. We have no such possibility. Economically justified tariff in Russia is planned from 10 to 12 rubles If set less then paid from the budget ", - said the Director of Department of state regulation of prices and tariffs of the Kurgan region Michael Sheremet, noting that the Kurgan don't understand it and are already writing letters to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin."Look here, now introduce a charge for the repair, since July, more expensive utilities, then enter a social norm for electricity. Tax announce the increase in property taxes. Incomes themes such as do not grow. In a very short period per inhabitant many stumbles. Who thought, not screaming someone or something?", I could not stand it and said Vladimir Andreichenko, Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the Kurgan region.Michael Sheremet and Dmitry Dokin tried to protest, noting that they are only executors of the requirements of the Federal government, but in conversation intervened Alexander Mazein, noting that in the Urals failed efforts to inform residents about the implementation of the law on overhaul."We have intense awareness. People do not know this law. Don't know what all doomed to implement Federal law. We are responsible for informing the public . Many say they do not intend to pay. So many illusions, sandwiches ignorance and misunderstanding. We will come to very serious things. All accumulate, but we don't need shocks", - said the Chairman of the Kurgan veterans Council.

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