"The construction of the zoo will keep the Perm nature". Experts from Moscow and Novosibirsk approved construction Chernyaev forest

The heads of leading Russian zoos from Moscow and Novosibirsk approved the construction of the zoo in Chernyaev forest. At the same time protecting the natural territory made honorary citizens of Perm, correspondent .As reported in the press service of the administration of Perm, today held a meeting of the city Commission on land use and development, where he discussed the issue of changing the zoning of the area behind the Palace of culture of railway workers (DCI), intended for the construction of a new Biopark. The experts agreed that Chernyaev forest is the most suitable place for the construction of the menagerie. According to them, its placement here will allow you to save and equip the existing recreation area.For the beginning it is planned to change the status Chernyaev forest zone "urban forests" (CH) zone special parks" (R-5), which is designed for the preservation and development of special parks in scientific and recreational purposes. "This decision will allow on the one hand to protect the site from development, on the other, it will give the opportunity to develop this area of the profile, that is, to use it for the construction of a new Biopark", - said the Deputy head of administration of Perm Andrey Yaroslavtsev.According to the Perm project developers, of the total area of the new Biopark 24 ha area will amount to 3.9 ha or 16.2 per cent. In addition, about 9 ha is given for the creation of so-called "buffer zone" around Bioparco for free access by citizens. It will be equipped recreation areas, walking paths, benches and lighting. This will allow you to use this area in the summer for running and walking, and in the winter under the pistes."Construction of Biopark will retain Perm nature. The zoo is, first of all, the environmental protection Agency. Here in close to natural conditions wild animals live. But the function of the Park area does not lose. Playground for DCI, unlike other variants, is the most suitable for the placement of the zoo from the point of view of its availability and provision of municipal infrastructure", - said the President of the Moscow zoo, the President of Euro-Asian regional Association of zoos and aquariums Vladimir Spitsin.In turn, Director of the Novosibirsk zoo, member of the international European Association of zoos and aquariums and the international Union of Directors of zoos in the world Rostislav Shilo told about Novosibirsk experience placement zoo in forest territory. "We have managed to create a zoo, which enjoys great popularity among the citizens. While the trees in the forest were saved, and live birds and squirrels still live there," he said.In the city Commission on land use and development approved the project and recommended it for consideration at a public hearing, where every citizen will be able to make suggestions. The final decision will be taken at the plenary session of the Perm city Duma.Recall that the defenders Chernyaev forest offered as an option for building a deck on the street Brotherly that will allow you to save not only the forest but also 400 million rubles from the regional budget. However, the experts from Moscow and Novosibirsk proposal is not supported, referring to the fact that this territory, allegedly, is far beyond the city and its maintenance will be overlaid.The defending team Chernyaev forest recently joined the honorary citizens of Perm and Perm region. Russian cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Viktor Savinykh, as well as an honorary citizen of the Perm region, the former Governor Gennady Igumnov. They sent an appeal to the deputies of the Perm city Duma.

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