Trutnev moved Shuvalov and Dvorkovich he will oversee ALROSA and "RusHydro""

Trutnev moved Shuvalov and Dvorkovich he will oversee ALROSA and Deputy Prime Minister for the Far East Yury Trutnev has won the first major hardware victory. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved by his supervising Deputy Prime Minister for two major state - owned companies RusHydro and ALROSA - transfer of powers to sign the directives in the implementation of the rights of the Russian Federation.3 June Dmitry Medvedev approved a list of AO, in which Directive to state representatives in the Board of Directors shall be approved by the Deputy Chairman of the government."In the list, these two companies are assigned as Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev. He is responsible for the signing of the directives in the implementation of the rights of the Russian Federation," said a Federal official. The press service of the government said that it has no information indicating that the document has already been signed, but do not deny its preparation, writes "Kommersant".Still supervising Deputy Prime Minister in respect of RusHydro was Arkady Dvorkovich, and signing guidelines for governmental representatives ALROSA were within the competence of the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov. In the secretariats Igor Shuvalov and Arkady Dvorkovich declined to comment. On the government website States that for the period of "temporary absence" Yuri Trutnev fixed issues considers Igor Shuvalov. Sources say that, as first Deputy Prime Minister in charge of privatization, Igor Shuvalov can "in a certain way to influence the activities of state-owned companies, although usually he is very correct in relation to peers. Representative Yuri Trutnev said that he had not seen the document, but the companies refused to discuss it.For the directives in respect of "RusHydro" the government has traditionally been responsible Deputy Prime Minister, who oversaw the FEC. When Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this position was occupied by Igor Sechin, spring 2012 energy oversees Arkady Dvorkovich. In late 2012 and early 2013 in the role of curator "RusHydro" he had with great difficulty to pass through the Board of Directors of the company the decision to recapitalise 50 billion rubles for construction of TPP in the far East. These funds were to be withdrawn from the accounts of Rosneftegaz, but the company wanted to buy the additional issue of RusHydro. The government insisted on some form of: money first had to do in the budget as dividends of Rosneftegaz, the state then brought them to the capital "RusHydro". But, despite the availability of direct government Directive, signed by Arkady Dvorkovich, the part of the members of the Board, including the Chairman first Vice-President of Gazprombank Vladimir Tatsiy, did not vote for this proposal.Now Rosneftegaz again seen as a major potential investor "RusHydro". In particular, the company may conduct additional issue in favor of "Rosneftegaz" worth up to 40 billion rubles Chapter "RusHydro" Yevgeny DoD told that part of the funds can go on far Eastern projects. A source familiar with the situation, believes that "RusHydro" no matter who is Deputy Prime Minister oversees the company. The management Arkady Dvorkovich quite normal relations. But Yuri Trutnev "is much closer to Igor Sechin". Evgeny DoD at the end of 2013 admitted that the company receives "strong support" from Yuri Trutnev.For ALROSA, the shift supervisor may have much more serious consequences. In late April, Yuri Trutnev unexpectedly opposed the renewal of the contract of the President of ALROSA Fyodor Andreev, already approved by the government and the presidential administration. The contract expires on July 14. A source close to one of the shareholders of ALROSA, said that the shift supervisor from the state may not only lead to personnel changes, but also to change strategy ALROSA."Yuri Trutnev explicitly configured on the active participation in the management of ALROSA. For a public company this can lead to decrease in capitalization",- said the interlocutor of the edition.Envoy, for example, are not satisfied adopted last fall the group's strategy, in particular, he insists on the development of the polishing business in the region with the participation of ALROSA, although the company found it unviable. In mid-March Yuri Trutnev ordered According, Yakut authorities and ALROSA to study the issue of creating in Khabarovsk diamond exchange and the regional center cut. Because Yuri Trutnev companies already have to hold an extraordinary shareholders ' meeting, to enable the Supervisory Board Deputy head According Oleg Skupinska.

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