Kokorin thanked Kurgan doctors who fought for the life of a passenger flight Barcelona - Chelyabinsk""

Kokorin thanked Kurgan doctors who fought for the life of a passenger flight Barcelona - ChelyabinskActing Governor of the Kurgan region Alexey Kokorin on Wednesday, September 10, met with the TRANS-Ural doctors, who in a few hours selflessly fought for the life of a passenger flight Barcelona - Chelyabinsk" Artem Chichikov.As reported in the press service of the head of the TRANS-Urals, the young man tried to save the Deputy Director of the Kurgan regional center for disaster medicine, resuscitator Valery Lukyanov, head of the Department of Kurgan regional hospital for war veterans Natalia Knish and head of the Department of Kurgan regional psychiatric hospital Irina Surikova, who were also passengers on that flight."As said Valery Lukianov, during the flight to Chelyabinsk Artem Chichikov became ill. This was announced through the loudspeaker, calling to respond physicians. When Kurgan resuscitator saw a young man, he was already in a state of clinical death. Thanks conducted by Valery Lukianov and TRANS-Ural colleagues resuscitation events, heart Artem began to beat again. The doctors asked the pilot about an emergency landing at the nearest airport, which was the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, and that the ladder patient met the machine resuscitation. Landing the plane made within half an hour. However, instead of the machine intensive care doctors and Artem Chichikov waited for the medical services of the airport without the necessary equipment. Two more hours until he arrived resuscitation, Valery Lukianov, Natalia Knish and Irina Surikova fought for life Artem, and then gave the young man into the hands of Moscow doctors. That he died, learned from the media", - said the press service.Alexey Kokorin thanked the doctors for their courage and heroism during the rescue of a person in an emergency situation."I want to Express my sincere gratitude for the fact that you are not just professionally approached the performance of their duties, you responded to a request for help, showed concern. You have done all that they could, showed the best human qualities, have fulfilled their civic duty. Thank you for what you are worthy of it all did. I am convinced that while there are professionals such as you, the future and the Kurgan region, and our great country is definitely", he said.

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