In Magnitogorsk looking for daring robbers attacked a post office

In Magnitogorsk looking for daring robbers attacked a post officePolice in Magnitogorsk looking for daring criminals who committed a robbery on a post office. Detectives identified the supposed bandits and now ask the residents for help.As reported in GU MVD of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region, December 11, 13 hours and 30 minutes in the Department of "Mail of Russia" that the Voykova street in Magnitogorsk, two unknown persons in masks, threatening the cashier with the object similar to a gun, openly stole 70 thousand rubles On the given fact criminal case was initiated under article "Robbery".UMVD of Russia in Magnitogorsk on suspicion of committing this crime is searched for Alexander Lekarev 1991 year of birth, resident of the village of Varna Varna district of Chelyabinsk region. Description: looks about 25 years old, height about 180 cm, medium build, short hair light blond, dressed in black.Photo courtesy of MOI in the Chelyabinsk regionWith him wanted Andrey hot born in 1992, also a native of the village of Varna. Description: looks about 25 years, height 170-175 cm, medium build, short hair dark, was dressed in all dark.

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