Over the past month the number of unemployed in the region fell by 10%

Over the past month the number of unemployed in the region fell by 10%These data were presented at the Commission meeting on socio-economic development and to monitor the achievement of targets, which was held by the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova. The meeting participants discussed issues related to the situation on the labour market and the elimination of arrears of wages, and also reviewed the progress of implementation of measures aimed at the repayment of debts of public utilities natural gas delivered, reported the press service of the head region.Opening the meeting, Natalia Komarova noted that over the past month the number of unemployed in the region fell by almost 10% and amounted to 3 thousand 378 people. "This is one of the highest rates in the Russian Federation. This position promotes the health of the labor market of the Autonomous Okrug and, of course, purposeful measures taken in accordance with state programs. At the moment declared by the employers need workers more than 18 thousand 800 people, is six times greater than the number of officially registered unemployed", - stated the head of the region.According to Natalia Komarova, the most popular are the fields of construction, mining, transport and communication organizations.Also the head of the region informed colleagues about the implementation of activities related to seasonal employment. "If you take the employment of minors - they created a 10 990 thousand temporary jobs. Last year just over 6 thousand jobs. Overall, the activities of the active policy of employment contracted 346 million rubles, or 84% of the planned annual amount. As you can see, the trends and dynamics is positive, we expect that the results of our work in General will remain in our planned corridors", - said Natalia Komarova.At the same time, the Governor recalled that it is necessary in advance to prepare for the upcoming seasonal decline in the labour market.During the meeting, Natalia Komarova drew his colleagues ' attention to the situation with the resulting wage arrears. On 23 July, the figure was 7 million 88 thousand rubles "It's less than a month ago. Then it was 8 million 453 thousand rubles payment of this difference took place in four enterprises - Ugra pharmacy, LLC Megion service company", CJSC Sebacate", JSC "RU-energy KRS-MG". However, at the last two companies, debt redeemed only in part, except in the debtors remains LLC "Construction company "Rosneftegaz". Their earnings are still not got 1 thousand 22 employees," said the Governor, asking colleagues to work more actively in this direction in order in the shortest possible time to find a solution to the situation.Another key issue on the agenda was devoted to debt utilities of the Autonomous Okrug before fuel suppliers. At the beginning of the week it was $ 177 million rubles of This amount public utilities owed for resources ZAO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz North".According to a study of the regional tariff service of the Autonomous Okrug revealed that the actual fuel price in the first quarter of this year were lower than those adopted in the tariff for 2014, "the specific fuel consumption for the provision of utility services above. Sometimes significantly, up to 70%, installed and provided by the tariff regulations. That is, redundant and not paid by the consumers of fuel consumption and debt accumulation is largely due to just an ineffective operation of utilities. On the one hand I am glad that the cause in most cases very simple, on the other hand outraged, why is it not to respond, if it is obvious.

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