Themselves to blame! The new leadership "Perm-36" commented on the information about the destruction of the "Museum exhibits""

Themselves to blame! The new leadership In the destruction of the "authentic" gate of the former colony guiltily guide ANO "Perm-36". The pile of abandoned rusty metal objects that pose a danger to visitors of the Museum, was not put on the property as a Museum piece, so the management of the institution "Museum complex political repression took the decision on disposal according to local media, citing the Director of the Museum complex Natalia Semakova.From the official review of Nataliya's Semakova follows that at the present time on the territory of "Perm-36" is the inventory of property and cleaning. During these works and was discovered "a pile of metal objects, which later opposed guide ANO called "authentic metal gate, and Museum exhibits."To date analysis of data dumps, no one worked. When parsing metal piles were found, including parts unknown metal gate, "buried" in the ground. The design and size of the detected gate, in the opinion of the experts of the Museum staff allowed ANO "Perm-36" to place these structures in the premises or in the buildings "Perm-36", to describe and to put them on the property as a Museum piece. Unfortunately, employees ANO "Perm-36" for all these years was not taken such action. Lying under the open sky, in the form of piles of metal, with ragged sharp rusty edges, this object represents a danger to visitors and employees," reports the words of Semakova "Business class".Commented Semakov and the incident that occurred during the tours of "Perm-36" foreign partners. Recall, the other day, interrupting the tour, the Museum was visited by inspectors to verify compliance with foreigners visa regime. Check, supposedly, was also initiated by Natalia Semakova. It turned out that Tatiana Kurcina not agreed on the visit of foreign guests with the leadership of the government and wanted to spend them in the Museum without tickets. In carrying out their duties, the guard called the police.Recall that in the present scandalous Museum of falsification of history "Perm-36", sponsored by the American funds thanks to the efforts of the Perm Ombudsman closed for debts.

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