The number of victims of the new drug in Surgut approached 150, the Prosecutor is looking for responsible among law enforcers

The number of victims of the new drug in Surgut approached 150, the Prosecutor is looking for responsible among law enforcersMass poisoning hitherto unknown type of drug in Surgut comparable to the attack the number of victims and helplessness "prevention" siloviki. According to the latest data, in Surgut about 150 people were killed potions, six of them died without regaining himself. In this regard, the district attorney Alexander Kondratyev instructed Surgut subordinates to deal with local security forces, time has not prevented trouble. Victims of an unknown substance appeared already in Ekaterinburg, and the situation, judging by the numerous reports of the Federal TV channels are interested in Moscow.The first reports of unprecedented in Surgut "miracle potion" that can permanently deprive a person of consciousness and turn it into some sort of vegetable, appeared in social networks is still in the middle of last week. Internet users with e pages povestvovatel about the insane inhabitants of the city, seen at bus stops and yard stores. Some messages were accompanied by unsightly photographs of "victims" and explanations of the authors, who argued that in the pictures the fans of the so-called "synthetics".At the beginning of this week a terrible photo and comments came from the social media pages of news agencies. However, the official comments to the journalists managed to get only a few days later."Symptoms of poisoning is characterized by psychomotor agitation, anxiety, fear, periodically changing the oppression of consciousness up to coma. There is also dilated pupils, unsteadiness walking, dizziness, increased blood pressure," commented adviser to the head of Surgut Dmitry Sukharev.That the city is actually the catastrophe happened, it became known on September 25. On this day in the health Department of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district reported that it is at least about one hundred victims. "Two of them have died from drugs. The death of four people is the subject of the assessment, the results of which should answer the question about the reasons of their death," he said.He also reported that the drug is a kind of derivative prohibited psychoactive drug "ecstasy". The distribution channel it in Surgut already covered. However, in medical and security officials have serious concerns that the drug could be distributed outside of the city.In addition, the caller said that the poison that emerged in Surgut, was identified in the first days, when victims began to come into hospital. The chemical structure of the potion and its properties are similar to prohibited psychoactive drug "ecstasy". But call it a drug of abuse today. The order and delivery of the drug occurred through the Internet."Officially, this substance is not mentioned in the Federal list of banned turnover. Obviously because of this, the security forces and had to initiate a criminal case on the "lighter" article 238 of the criminal code (Sale of goods and products that do not meet the requirements of safety of life or health of the consumer), not 228.1 (selling drugs). The latter provides up to life imprisonment. First - up 10 years maximum," he said.However, in the TFR on the eve confirmed the death of six people. The Department says that currently on death of people prosecuted."According to preliminary data, in the period from 19 to 24 September, six residents of Surgut in age from 18 to 35 years died after drinking an unknown substance, acquired in the territory of Surgut. In the framework of a criminal investigation assigned to the complex expertise: forensic to determine causes of death of the victims, chemical and Toxicological order to determine the composition of unknown substances, and the degree of danger to life and health", - told the press service of the investigation Department of the TFR in the region.To give his assessment of what happened, promised and the Prosecutor Yugra Alexander Kondratyev. The day before he was ordered to conduct a departmental review."In the scope of this audit assessed the legality and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking, including services of the interior Ministry and the Federal drug control service", - said the press service of the regional Supervisory authority.And only in the services Ugra departments of the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Federal drug control service today still does not give a clear comment on the incident in Surgut. In particular, up to now, none of the local security officials have not said how the poison got into the industry and who really is the manufacturer and distributor. Meanwhile, their city government believes that occurred in Surgut is somehow connected with a PE in the Kirov region, where for several days he suffered one hundred and fifty people, four of whom died."This substance is identified, all necessary expert actions are produced, it is one of the analogues of the derivative of one of the acids. Initiated inclusion of this substance in the list under control", said the Deputy Director of the Federal drug control service of Russia Nikolai Tsvetkov.Behind the scenes FSKN and the police admit that to monitor and stop the flow of drugs in the region is still difficult and not always successful . According to investigators, drug traffickers have long ago ceased to act openly, as it was in the dashing 90-that is, As a rule, all with the help of the Internet, where there are hundreds of sites offering to buy one or the other drug. A customer orders a "commodity" pay through the payment system, and then receives the mail. Yourself sites periodically blocked. But then instead of some other. And the process continues," said one of the operatives FDCS.According to another operative, in Ugra there are other schemes. For example, in Nefteyugansk last year by the police and the Federal drug control service for the first time in the history of the city seized a record 18 kg of synthetics. Then were arrested six young men, three of whom were visitors from neighboring areas. Surveillance of them took about six months. During this time, dozens of people had become addicted to intoxicants. Some and not at all alive."Two of the criminals then settled in the apartment. She worked with the "ingredients". Bought in tea shops or pharmacies plantain and wet grass beforehand acquired drug solution. Could "spice". It was packaged in packages. Then through the Internet to find customers. Received money. The other members of the gang did the so-called "bookmarks" and informed the customers about the location of the goods. They also sold and powders, which is popularly known as "gunpowder" or "Sol". Worked for about six months, "earned" his time", - said the employee of FDCS.And he and other staff are sure to blame solely the security forces that took place in Surgut, fundamentally not right. Both believe that first and foremost to blame the victims themselves fans potions, though the wines of the power system here too."Those who bought this "legal" as it is called, they knew perfectly well, what sometimes ends its use. And still gained. And the fact that pseudo-chemists there something namudrili probably made a mistake when cooking, so in the future, I am sure, they will understand. If not police officers, so customers who were lucky enough to stay alive," he summed up.Meanwhile , the emergence of dangerous drugs continue to commit in other regions. Today it became known that more than 20 people were injured from an unknown potion. According to toxicologists, some patients admitted in the Centre of acute poisoning in September, poisoned substances in circulation doctors did not fix.

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