Demographic results October: dynamics encouraging, but also disturbs

Demographic results October: dynamics encouraging, but also disturbsIn October, were born in Russia 176 thousand children, which is 7 thousand less than last year's October. However, on 5 thousand decreased and mortality, amounting to 166 thousand Thus, in October, Russia's population is naturally increased by 10 thousand, almost repeating the previous correspondent .In General, over the 10 months of this year were born in Russia 1 million 635 thousand, and died 1 million 598 thousand, which has increased the population by 37 thousand against an increase of 13 thousand for the same period last year. Demographics of Russia for the third year in a row shows almost the same performance of the zero population growth, differing from zero, taking into account the population of Russia, very slightly. More detailed demographic results can be assessed at year-end.The highest birth rate per 1000 population is the North-Caucasian Federal district (17,4), and lowest in the Central Federal district (11,6) when the national rate of 13.4.The lowest mortality was also observed in the North-Caucasian Federal district (8,0), and the highest in the Crimean FO (14,6) when the national rate of 13.1. These results can be easily explained: in the Caucasus society much younger Russian, and in the Crimea high mortality due to more severe socio-economic situation inherited from Ukraine.Among the subjects of the Russian leaders in fertility are the regions with strong ethnic identity: the Republic of Tyva (25,7), Chechen Republic (24,4), Republic of Altai (21,3) and the Republic of Ingushetia (20,9). Such results can only envy.Unfortunately, the lowest birth rate remains is in Russian regions: Leningrad (9,1), Tambov (9,9) and the Tula region (10,2), as well as in almost all the regions of Central and northwestern Federal districts.With regard to mortality, it is natural lowest in the regions with a young population: the Republic of Ingushetia (3,4), Chechen Republic (4,9), Yamalo-Nenets AO (5,1), Republic of Dagestan (5,5), Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district (6,4).But the main trouble is that the greatest mortality also in Russian regions. Sad "leaders" here are Pskov (18,5), Tverskaya (17,7), Novgorod (17,4) region and almost all regions of the Central Federal district, where the rate of decline of the population the most.Finally, I wonder what regions have achieved the greatest increase in the birth rate. No visible patterns here cannot be set. This, Sevastopol (8,5%), Chukotka (7,0%), Sakhalin (5,4%), Moscow region (5,0%), and (3-5%): Rostov region, Republic of Karelia, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Kamchatka region, Tyumen region without autonomy, Ulyanovsk, Tula oblast, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district.In reducing mortality the most successful Nenets AO (16,8%), the Republic of Mordovia (5.3 per cent), the Republic of Buryatia (4,2%), and (3-4%): Novgorod, Tver, Kirov, Yaroslavl, Sakhalin, Omsk, Saratov, Kostroma oblast and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).In General, the demographic dynamics in Russia from 2012 remains stable, but still heavy.

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