The defenders Chernyaev forest site was created: each decision will be able to sign the e-petition against the construction of the zoo

The defenders Chernyaev forest site was created: each decision will be able to sign the e-petition against the construction of the zooThe defenders Chernyaev forest has its own website. It activists gathered relevant documents and studies on specially protected natural territories (SPNT), which the authorities of Perm all by hook or by crook trying to use about the construction of the zoo, correspondent .On the portal, everyone can put their signatures under the appeal to the Chairman of the Commission on land use and building of the administration of Perm in forest protection."You are called by the inhabitants of the city of Perm with a call not to support a change in the area of urban forests on an area of special parks R-5 in Chernyaev forest for the purpose of placement on the territory of the new zoo. For the construction of the zoo's budget does not include funds for the next three years. Change zoning can lead to the construction of a completely different object than the zoo. Support the early transfer of the zoo to the site Ul. Fraternal, 100," reads the petition.In addition, on the main page marked current events - meeting of the "friends of the forest" 11 September and the public hearings on the project of placing zoo "in the woods behind DKG", September 15.To ensure the presence of nearby residents at the meeting of the forest defenders, activists of the "Green coalition" tonight will start to post ads in the hallways.In turn, the Perm authorities have launched getprogram. According to activists, in the Orthodox churches and the units of LUKOIL from townspeople began to gather signatures for the construction of the zoo in Chernyaev forest. "From several active members became known that the Perm diocese ordered the priests to gather for Sunday services signature parishioners for the transfer of the zoo in Chernyaev forest. Many priests this initiative spiritual superiors perceived bewildered because of her outspoken and active intervention in the world. The most ridiculous in this situation is that as the main argument for parishioners priests recommended to say that if in the woods behind DCI will not place the zoo, then it will build all sorts of shopping and entertainment facilities, including a casino. But it eventually will be in this area, if it will give "under the zoo," says the activist Igor Averkiev on his Facebook page.However, in the Perm diocese denied this information. It should be noted that the Orthodox Church for the transfer of the zoo with the territory of the Episcopal cemetery, where in the 30-ies of the 20th century right on the gravestones were installed aviaries and cages for animals. The question "where to move?" for the ROC is secondary. "Eternal memory to all those who are buried under wraps among the enclosures, and historical justice, sooner or later, must still be restored," it said on the website Perm metropolis.Anyway, propaganda is everywhere. Recall, 3-4 September in nearby Chernyaev forest school lessons were devoted to the construction of the zoo. According to a representative of the administration of an educational institution, students were told about the attractiveness of the project Bioparco.

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