Evgeny Kuyvashev met with members of EGD: "We really now need to go into construction""

Evgeny Kuyvashev met with members of EGD: Regional authorities and local governments Yekaterinburg must build a constructive interaction, to collaborate on socio-economic development of the regional center. The basis for such cooperation is to protect the interests of the Urals and improving the quality of life of people. Said this today, Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev at the meeting with the deputies of the Yekaterinburg city Duma, devoted to the reform of local government and "may" decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, reported in the Department of information policy of the Governor."We make common cause. Despite labour disputes, we must always find consolidated solving the acute problems, in order not to jeopardize the interests of the Urals - the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. One of the most important tasks of our joint work should be consistent activities on improvement of the system of local self-government", - said Evgeny Kuyvashev.Currently in the Sverdlovsk region has adopted a number of laws on the reform of local government. The residents are interested in local government worked effectively, and the city economy has been steadily developing. To the adoption and implementation of managerial decisions need to engage citizens, but it is important to provide people with the opportunity not only to act through the pickets and rallies, but also through more constructive forms of interaction with all levels of public authorities. Political blackmail and manipulation of public opinion should be excluded from the tools of influence on economic processes."In the legislative work that has been done, there is no word about the dismemberment of Yekaterinburg. Who came up with the wild idea of holding in Ekaterinburg public hearings on the city is divided into parts? This is deliberate and shameless manipulation of public opinion," said the Governor.He recalled that in the regional laws enshrined all the variety of forms of organization of local authorities. There are opportunities for real approximation power to the people, for the distribution of economic issues on the levels of real self-government."What's wrong with that? The task to update the local authorities demanded by people. To do this process in a constructive, effective, aimed at improving the quality of people's lives," said Yevgeny Kuyvashev.During the meeting, the Governor has set a number of tasks of the municipality for the coming year. The main emphasis is on the implementation of "may" presidential decrees aimed at increasing quality of life.Despite economic difficulties, to ensure the independence of local budgets in the budget provided by the transfers in total more than 75 billion rubles, which is 5 billion more than the level of the current year. Will increase the volume of transfers and Yekaterinburg. Next year the city plans to allocate more than 14 billion rubles is about 40% of the budget revenue of the municipality. Now before the regional center should take reasonable budget in accordance with the expenditure authority of the city.Answering questions of deputies on transfer or withdrawal from Ekaterinburg powers, the Governor explained that all will depend entirely on the efficiency of local authorities."If you see that the city or any other municipality is unable to cope with the existing powers, the scope of the functions of the city will take. Is right in the subject of the Federation is. If, however, understand that the municipality fulfills its commitments, it is ready and the right to dispose of nerazgadannymi lands to return to Ekaterinburg. So far I have no reason to do it," said Yevgeny Kuyvashev.Deputies thanked the Governor for the opportunity of communicating directly to discuss current issues and noted that this is the beginning of a constructive dialogue aimed at the development of the city and the entire region.Co-Chairman of the Sverdlovsk front, Trustee of the President of the Russian Federation Larisa Pecina noted that the Governor rightly initiated a meeting with deputies of EGG. "We really now need to go into construction. I don't understand what is the bone of contention. All reasonable people, and we just need to learn to negotiate. As man and narodovoletz I think the most important is the welfare of our people," she said."The meeting demonstrated the sequence of the Governor in steps to dialogue with members of the city Council, with the administration of Yekaterinburg. The key message of the meeting was the establishment of the work in a constructive way on different issues: budgeting for 2015, the local government reform. And, in my opinion, this is the main positive result of the meeting", - commented on the results of the meeting the Deputy EGG Alexander Karavaev.His colleague "in the shop" Deputy Igor Volodin noted the importance of the fact that the beginning of building constructive relationships that the Governor supports the solution to all the problems of the city."The main task, which was performed, finding common points between the regional authorities and the city to have periodic conflicts were not public, and lay in a working plane, and can be solved through constructive engagement. Most importantly, when we went, the participants of the meeting was to understand the dialogue began. This is very important. We hope that such meetings will become a regular, so we can questions to discuss, to find a solution. Then for example, what is the relationship of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, will build relationships with other municipalities in the region", - said the Deputy Alexander Kosintsev.Note that the meeting with the deputies of the city Duma continued the cycle of meetings of the Governor with the deputies of the municipal Duma to discuss the development plans of the territories and the establishment of working relations between the two levels of government. Evgeny Kuyvashev already discussed actual problems of development of municipalities with parliamentarians Alapaevsk, Kushva, Turinsky.

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