The city Manager Nizhnevartovsk discussed the fate of homeless cats and dogs

The city Manager Nizhnevartovsk discussed the fate of homeless cats and dogsIn Nizhnevartovsk discussed the problem of stray animals. For the first time on the initiative of the head of the city administration Alla Badini at the "round table brought together representatives of the veterinary services, community organizations, police and housing.The main reason for the increase in the number of stray cats and dogs on the streets - the irresponsibility of the people who first become "living toy", and then, for various reasons, get rid of, reported the press service of the administration of Nizhnevartovsk."The problem is not growing like a snowball, if the legislation in this area acted. So far there is no algorithm punishment for negligence and abuse of the pet. In this regard, there is always the danger of aggression against the person. Possible cases and unjustified aggression of man to stray animal," - noted in the mayor's office.The issue of stray animals is relevant not only for Grand rapids, but also for other Russian cities. The opinions of the representatives of public organizations were divided. Some people offer to create a special shelter for homeless Pets or the point of overexposure before you find a new host. Others believe: shortly after the shelter is full. Get rid of the animals will try to even those who before that conscience would not allow to throw pet.You must choose a different solution to the problem: at the city level to develop and Fund a program of sterilization of cats and dogs. However, the project is quite expensive. For example, according to experts of the veterinary services, one procedure for dogs can cost up to 10 thousand rublesIn the end, the head of the administration of Nizhnevartovsk Alla Badina invited the public to Express their ideas, including the creation of social advertising, project.

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