The flood peak in the Barrow passed: the water in the river Tobol declined

The flood peak in the Barrow passed: the water in the river Tobol declinedThe peak of the spring flood in Barrow passed. The water level in the river Tobol, the city today is 567 see page 15 may, began declining. The second day the level is reduced by 2 cm, the correspondent .13 and 14 may, the water level in Tobol kept at around 571 see Recall that the water began to arrive in the river from the end of March, then the water level was 463 see Experts predicted that the rise of water in the Mound will be at the level of 7 meters. If this is the situation in the city would be under water highway for them. Tyunina.As told in the press service of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Kurgan region, the peaks of spring floods have passed on all the rivers TRANS. In all areas of the observations noted recession levels."Hydrological and water management, the situation is stable. Facts achievements dangerous and unfavorable marks on hydrological posts are not registered. Flooding (inundation) settlements there," said the Agency.Also, the press service noted that before the end of this week will be exempt from flood waters entrances to a low-water road bridge across the river UY near the village of Ust-wescoe.

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