In the Kurgan regional court began hearing of arguments on the case Conceiva

In the Kurgan regional court began hearing of arguments on the case ConceivaToday, April 23, in the Kurgan regional court began hearing of the parties in the framework of the criminal case of former Vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Victor Conceiva and his accomplices. Be the first to make the case began gosobviniteli, which were revealed evidence of defendants ' guilt, correspondent .The court session took place in the absence two lawyers, including one of the defenders Victor Conceiva. Judge Denis Kiryanov asked no objection if the main accused, that the debate will begin without them, the ex-officer (after consultation with the other three lawyers) agreed to continue consideration of the criminal case. The first to speak in the debate, the judge granted the right to gosobvinitelya.Prosecutors composed of three people (novel Bazhenov, Oleg Vinogradov and Ildar Yakupov) began in turn to read out the evidence against the defendants, which were obtained during the investigation and trial. Gosobviniteli referred to the testimony of victims, witnesses, and written and material evidence.Thus, according to one of the prosecutors in the trial a number of witnesses confirmed that in 2004 the Deputy mayor Victor kontiev asked the Director of "food database No. 4" Tatiana Rusina a bribe in the form of share in the Charter capital, estimated at market 77 million rubles Under threat that her business influential official in kontiev will not develop, she agreed to give a share in the business. With the help of the defendant Promoveu kontiev, according to investigators, have executed all necessary documents, and 51,28% of the share capital was converted to a friend Conceiva Igor ivanchikova.In the proof of receipt Conceives bribes on a large scale prosecutors in the first place, gave testimony of the victim Tatiana Rusina, which the court stated that "the food database No. 4 was opened by her initiative, not the ex-officer, and her words about what the Vice mayor of Yekaterinburg in 2003 withdrew from the management database, passing the business Rusina. As the Prosecutor said, "Victor kontiev were afraid of physical violence and exposure in the media that it has any relation to the base"."Tatiana Rusina managed to displace OPS Uralmash from the base. In October 2004 kontiev called her into his office and said that he, as Deputy head of Ekaterinburg, close to its base if it is not going to rewrite his share for him," read the testimony Tatiana Rusina the Prosecutor, adding that the woman was forced to agree to the renewal of the documents because they were afraid that the official will be able to close the Food base No. 4" and organize numerous checks of the enterprise.Next, the Prosecutor cited as evidence the testimony of her daughter, Tatiana Rusina - Helena, which confirmed that the business kontiev gave it to the mother, and then demanded it back."In 2004, the database was trying to capture the OPS Uralmash. There have been attempts a violent seizure. Kontiev, according to her, is not defended, the whole struggle was led by Tatiana Rusina. Share then her mother gave civil husband Demin. Kontiev scared and just watched who will win this fight. In the autumn it became known that kontiev requires to transfer the share to him. He had nothing to her, nothing. She understood the words Rusina, kontiev going to take over the whole business," read the testimony of Helen Rusina the public Prosecutor.In addition, the Prosecutor referred to the testimony of denim, which is no longer alive, and indications ivanchikova, which represented the interests of Conceiva and on which Tatiana she rewrote in 2004 its share. In their testimony they confirmed that they knew that the Vice-mayor was demanding a bribe in the form of share in the Charter capital. But at the same time, this fact they only knew the words Tatiana Rusina.Note that the Victor kontiev earlier court stated that the victim Tatiana Rusina it was stipulated, and that he could not receive a bribe, because the business and so belonged to him, but was designed by the husband Rusina - denim."I was the actual owner, I owned 69,23% interest. It turns out that I myself gave a bribe. Approval Rusina a bribe appeared only in November 2009, when I removed it from the post and against her criminal case. She came up with this story with extortion share. Share she never belonged," he explained to the court on April 7 Victor kontiev.On the same day, former Vice-mayor made a statement that, in his words, that he was negotiating with the OPS Uralmash regarding the settlement of the conflict.In proof of the charges, the Prosecutor in the course of his speech has also led a number of documents that testified to the fact that the share in the authorized capital of "Food database No. 4" belonged Demin, and then were converted to ivanchikova. Also referred by the public Prosecutor and the testimony of the expert, according to which the share was estimated 77 million rubles"Arguments Conceiva that he fought with OPS Uralmash, contrary to the testimony of Rusina and denim. Thus, sufficient evidence upon receipt of a bribe by an official in a large amount of evidence of extortion of bribes," concluded the Prosecutor on the first episode of the charges.After that, prosecutors, representatives of the arguments on the charges of murder Kurgan businessmen Andrei Volkov and Valeria Khudyakov. As was noted at the session of the court, the investigation considers that Victor kontiev instructed defendant Glazyrina, and Kilu to arrange collection of funds from entrepreneurs for unimpeded passage of trucks with vegetables through customs in the city petuhovo the Kurgan region. In 2005, in the way they stood businessman Andrei Volkov, which created obstacles to the passage of goods across the border."Keil gave evidence that they had conflicts with Volkov and that he reported Conceive about problems. Kontiev told that I needed to do more tightly. Glazyrin said Kalu that kontiev ordered to eliminate Volkov," he read out the testimony of the witness Kayla Prosecutor.In proof that it was the former Vice-mayor made the murder, gosobvinitel also read the testimony of the defendant Glazyrina, Sidorova, and several other persons who were General case with grouping Conceiva.According to the Prosecutor in the murder Volkova participated Glazyrin, Khalidov, Personov, Keil, Yusupov and Sidorov. The crime they committed 21 April 2005 in the city of Petukhovo. As noted by the Prosecutor, Arsanov and Yusupov attacked the merchant at the entrance to his house. Threatening a spouse Volkova gun and hitting the Volkova, they dragged him out of the door and drove away in a pre-selected location in the forest. In the forest defendant DOE slipped over the neck of a businessman cord and began to choke, and then Parsnow struck the victim of a knife cut knife wounds in the chest. From the received wounds wolves died. His body defendants burned and buried in a pre-dug hole."Keil reported Glazyrina, and Conceive that all done. Then people Volkov began to fear them. Keil showed the place where he buried the body, and showed how he killed Volkova. Keil identified Paranova and Sidorov. The examination of the scene and examination confirmed the words Kayla. These data confirm the truthfulness of the testimony Kayla. Examination confirmed the presence of a knife cut wounds and head injuries. Also found that the remains belong Volkov. There is no reason to doubt the testimony Kayla," concluded the Prosecutor.

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