Between Yugra, Tyumen region a lot of bridges, the traffic on them from both sides, Natalia Komarova

Between Yugra, Tyumen region a lot of bridges, the traffic on them from both sides, Natalia KomarovaDuring a working trip to Nizhnevartovsk Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova and acting Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev met with representatives of industrial enterprises, public and municipal authorities, business community Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhnevartovsk district, Rainbow and Megion. The main topic of conversation was the cooperation of Yugra, Tyumen region. To this end, heads of regions visited objects, which is built in the framework of the program "Cooperation", said the press service of the head of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district."For people and most of our joint projects plays a big role transport infrastructure. We visited the construction of the bridge over the river Vah. This project is implemented by the efforts of the two regions. The bridge is one kilometer, as such, we kilometers need to build hundreds, to remove all problems. This topic requires very close cooperation, such as between our subjects. Life has shown that anyone who knows how to cooperate, and a higher chance of achieving its objectives," he said during a meeting Natalia Komarova.As noted by the Governor, between Yugra, Tyumen region has developed a constructive partnership: "our subjects are a lot of bridges, but it is important that the movement on them from both sides. There are points where we join forces"."Indeed, between our subjects there are many bridges in the literal and figurative sense. The main "bridge" our programme "Cooperation". This integration program Yugra and Yamal and the Tyumen region. There are 11 areas in which we are moving. When it is difficult for us, we help each other. Together it is much easier to survive, to solve a lot of issues. The most important thing is our population that actively moves in all three subjects. Therefore, the objects of the program are built for each inhabitant of the region", supported Natalia Komarova Vladimir Yakushev.Acting Governor of the Tyumen region outlined key points of contact regions and describe the role of their region in this mutually beneficial partnership. One of the key areas is training. Currently, 43% of students who study in Tyumen young Ugorian people and the residents of the Yamal."Another "bridge" is health care. We are seriously moving in this direction. Natalia Komarova constantly discussing the issues on which we could have put our efforts to provide the population with high-tech medical care. Because today it is very expensive. And together, we can provide one kind of high-tech medical care in the Tyumen region and the other in Yugra. It is possible to concentrate intellectual resources. Then you can distribute the flows of patients," added Vladimir Yakushev.During the meeting on cooperation Yugra, Tyumen region has been Chairman of the Duma of Autonomous district Boris Khokhryakov. "From my own experience I can say about what a great value for Yugra, Tyumen region and Yamal has our cooperation. We are strategic partners. Our work is comparable to clockwork. When each gear is spinning by itself, but it gives impulse to the next. And as a result of their interaction hours work. And our friendship has proved its efficiency for the past 10 years. Developing independently, we interact in solving common to all of our territories tasks. Through the Council of three governors, through the Board of legislators and the programme "Cooperation". Last year, the agreement was renewed and we have for many years to come guaranteed that there will be an opportunity for sustainable development of our territories and improve the quality of life of people. I am sure that at this stage, this scheme is optimal.

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