Foreign partners scandalous Museum "Perm-36" suspected of illegally crossing the Russian border

Foreign partners scandalous Museum Today during the tour groups "foreign partners" Museum of falsification of history "Perm-36" police and migration service of Chusovoi arranged audit of compliance with the visa regime, reported the press service of the ANO "Perm-36".It is reported that the police Chusovoi received signal of staying on the territory of the complex group of foreigners, after which the inspectors decided to check the compliance of the visa regime. The check was performed by the acting Deputy chief of Chusovoy police Department for operations Oleg Konovalov, chief Commissioner of Anwar Zigangirov and senior inspector of territorial Administration of the FMS Natalia Tutinina.According to the Museum, the tour was held in the framework of the international educational program "human rights Education and history education in places of memory associated with mass crimes". This is a joint project of the nonprofit organization "Perm-36", Memorial Bergen-Belsen (Germany) and the State Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau (Poland) in cooperation with the Youth centre of Auschwitz.The tour was conducted by the former scientific Director of the Museum "Perm-36" Leonid Obukhov, who suspects that a call to the police Chusovoi was from the Director of the state Museum "the Memorial complex of political repression" Natalia Semakova.It is worth noting that last week as directed by the Director of the memorial complex of Nataliya's Semakova workers began to saw metal gate of the former colony to as scrap metal to take them in points of reception. In response to these actions, the Director of the nonprofit organization "Perm-36" Victor Shmyrov wrote a letter to the Governor of Perm Victor Basargin and the Minister of culture of Perm Krai Igor Gladney to stop the ignorant actions of the new leadership of the state Autonomous institution "Memorial complex of political repression" for the destruction of the historic monument".Observers note that such incidents is a result of uncertain status "Perm-36", which is actually represented by two organizations: the Autonomous non-profit headed by the Shmyrov and state headed by Semakova. If the first is responsible for the practical work of the Museum - organization of excursions and activities, the second is responsible for the property and may dispose of them at its discretion.Recall now infamous Museum "Perm-36" closed for the debts, at the end of the summer he faces a court with the power company. The plans are not indifferent to the fate of the "Perm-36" government representatives and human rights defenders, a cooperation agreement ANO "Perm-36" and the leadership of the Perm region was supposed to be ready by July 1, but the timing had to be moved to number 8.

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