Sverdlovsk law enforcers summed up the year

Sverdlovsk law enforcers summed up the yearThe results of cooperation of the security forces, human rights activists and public organizations in the sphere of protection of human rights for the year of 2014 has brought today, December 25, during a press conference organized by the press service of the MIA of Russia in Sverdlovsk region. The event was attended by the Commissioner for human rights in the Sverdlovsk region Tatyana Merzlyakova, chair of the public oversight Commission of the Sverdlovsk region over the observance of human rights Ascorbic manassov, Chairman of the public Council under the state Ministry of interior region Vladimir Krasilnikov, assistant chief of the penitentiary service for human rights in prisons, George Gubankov, head of Department on protection and escort of police agencies MOI region Tatiana Resective and the head of the press service of the police cupola Valery Burnt."The meeting on such scale for the first time, and, as far as I know, the first interaction in this area is recognised by all parties effective and constructive," he said in his introductory speech, the press-Secretary of state Ministry of interior region Valery Burnt.Public control as in the regional MOI, in the administration of the area in the spotlight. Joint efforts can not only identify problems, but also relatively to resolve them quickly. For the Middle Urals, which only convicted of various crimes surpasses all other regions of Russia, the interaction between the law enforcers and the public could not be more important.In particular the penitentiary service of Russia in Sverdlovsk region is the largest office of criminal-Executive system in the country; the region is 41 establishment of UIS in the colonies at the moment contains more than 31.5 thousand prisoners. Over observance of their rights watch 40 members of the Public Supervisory Commission is also one of the most numerical in Russia."This year the representatives of the PMC 380 visited our institutions, avoided the camera, checked the legality and legitimacy of penalties imposed, was interested in the organization of medical care and nutrition. Individual interviews with prisoners held 685" - said the assistant chief of the penitentiary service for human rights in prisons, George Gubankov.Statistics, in turn, shared and head of Department of protection and escort of police agencies MOI region Tatiana Resective. According to her, on the territory of the region there are 46 detention centres, and eight detention facilities for persons subjected to administrative arrest. In March of this year between GU MVD of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, the Commissioner for human rights in the Sverdlovsk region and the Public Supervisory Commission signed an agreement on interaction and cooperation. Since then, activists have been conducted 76 visits to the TDF. The members of the PMC has been in twenty-seven police agencies, representatives of the Ombudsman's office in thirteen."Comments we have received during such visits, mainly associated with deficiencies that require financial investments. Main Department annually submits an application to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for current and capital repairs of specialized agencies. This year, the interior Ministry funds were allocated for capital repairs in two IVS and three detention facilities. The Main management has allocated money for the renovation of a further ten insulators. At the moment almost all planned repairs are made," said Tatiana Resective.Great attention from both sides paid and medical support of the detained persons In the current year allocated $ 1 million 147 thousand 500 rubles for the purchase of medicines; medical IVS purchased equipment totaling 292 thousand.The topic of financing continued the Chairman of the Public Council under the state Ministry of interior of Russia in Sverdlovsk oblast Vladimir Krasilnikov: "We have already proposed, in order to repair and improve the conditions of detention of citizens in the IVS can be used not only Federal funds, but also regional".Meanwhile, obvious changes for the better in the interaction between the volunteers, the police and prison service and in General in the system of detention, even if insufficient funding is there, said the Chairman of the PMC region Ascorbic manassov. As an example, he cited the increasing level of medical care to convicted prisoners. And if you take a more global level, then with full confidence we can say that the PMC was held as a civil institution: "for the First time since 2008, when the Commission started to work, our activity has become really effective." Thus, NGOs have helped to solve the problem with the road (or rather, the lack of roads in the colony, which is located in the village of Gary. Due to the introduction of roads in the regional registry, now you can start the repair.Summed up the meeting, the Commissioner for human rights in the Sverdlovsk region Tatyana Merzlyakova: "I always say to the public: let's be more professional. I don't like about the shortcomings, I know all the problems with financing. For me the main thing - that does not violate human dignity, whatever crime he may have committed.

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