Social Perm accused the city administration in the development of land for the zoo. City hall all denied

Social Perm accused the city administration in the development of land for the zoo. City hall all deniedDefenders Chernyaev forest in Perm, among them employees of PSUNR and social activists continue to insist on the revision of the project of reconstruction of the zoo. Of protected natural areas they propose to move it on the street Brotherly, where the zoo was already allocated land. Returning to the analysis of this project, the activists noted that the area has decreased by 30 hectares in 2008 under the zoo took 150 hectares and the Building was listed on the plot area of 123 hectares, being the land originally set aside for the zoo (focusing on these areas the designers was the project) from his "cut"."In recent months, information on public cadastral map of the building has changed significantly. In particular added data about the land plot at the address Fraternal, 100. The area of 123 hectares, the permitted use - zoo, Botanical garden, Park, other parks (R-5). Apparently, this is the land given for permanent use to the zoo. After blending in the coordinate system of the boundaries was found that on land, not getting to the zoo is a large lawn, which envisaged the construction of the main objects of the new zoo Spanish project. Thus, the area proposed for construction of the project in 2008, has lost more than half its area. Where a land area of nearly 30 acres still could not figure out, since the information on the public cadastral map for the plot no," said associate Professor of biogeocenotic Perm state national research University Dmitry Andreev.As reported in the press service of the mayor's office, according to the Department of land relations of the administration of Perm, the land area allocated for the construction of the menagerie, has not changed."The zoo in perpetuity provided two land plot with cadastral number 59:01:0000000:1107 area of 30.4 hectares and with cadastral number 59:01:0000000:41587 area 123,1 ha On these sites registered the right of municipal ownership. According to the rules of land use and development, zone R-5 (area of special parks (zoo, Botanical gardens) installed within the boundaries of both land plots allocated for construction of the zoo", - told the press service of the city administration.If the FFA will not change its position, it is the option of transferring to the zoo on a street Brotherly will be the key. As previously stated, the environmentalists, the cost of migration is significantly reduced. The Governor noted that the project in Chernyaev forest stand budget of 2.4 billion rubles, and on a street Brotherly - only 400 million rubles less.

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